Blaque Chat Transcript 5/3/00

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the Yahoo online chat which took place on May 3rd!! Here's a look at what Blaque had to say:

Yahoo_Host1: Hey guys - welcome to Yahoo! Chat 

Yahoo_Host1: Send in your questions for Blaque now by typing them in the Ask a question bar at the bottom of your screen.

Yahoo_Host1: Blaque will be here in less than half an hour! 

cybervenue_host: Hello Everyone and Welcome to the chat

cybervenue_host: Tonight we will be chatting with one of the hottest groups around... Blaque

cybervenue_host: We welcome you to the chat and we will be chatting with the girls very soon!

cybervenue_host: We would like to lay down some ground rules before we start the chat...

cybervenue_host: No Spamming

cybervenue_host: No obscenities

cybervenue_host: and please do not send over any personal information such as emails or
phone numbers or addresses.

cybervenue_host: We will be chatting with the girls who gave you 8 0 8, and now the even more
current single "I Do".

cybervenue_host: Regarding Spamming... Please do not ask the same question and sending it
over and over and over.

cybervenue_host: We will try very hard to get to all of your questions

cybervenue_host: You can also visit to get more info on the girls.

cybervenue_host: welcomes you to the chat and we will be starting very shortly.

cybervenue_host: The girls are here and ready to begin.

cybervenue_host: Tonight we will be chatting with Natina Reed and Brandi Williams. Shamari
Fears will not be joining us tongiht because she is a bit under the weather.

cybervenue_host: Any opening comments?

cybervenue_blaque: Brandi: HELLO to everyone on the chat and we are ready for your questions.

jamaikaneese ask: what is your relationship with Lisa of TLC?

cybervenue_blaque: Brandi: We love Lisa! She's like our mommy. She helped us get our deal
and she helps us with a lot of things. So we love Lisa.

promodiva ask: What is a typical day for y'all like?

cybervenue_blaque: Typical is waking up very early and not getting any sleep, doing interviews and doing shows and eating on the run and flying everyday of our lives. It's really really really hectic. But we love it and wouldn't change it for the world!!

blaque2nite asks: How does it feel to be platinum?

cybervenue_blaque: It feels great. I didn't expect us to do this on our first album. It's been the best. A lot of groups do not go Platinum on their first album

mrs_bling_bling_00 asks: How old are y'all??

cybervenue_blaque: Brandi is 17, Natina is 19 and Shamari is 20

mikl_alford_2000 asks: Are any of you three close with T-Boz or Mack 10, who happen to
be getting married on my birthday?

cybervenue_blaque: We are good friends with her but we don't know Mack 10 that well. We
met them on tour. I think they are a good couple

sxydiva2 asks: Are you thinking of going on Tour? If so, would you come to Boston?

cybervenue_blaque: We are going to BOSTON ON FRIDAY!!

cybervenue_blaque: We are on a LEIG Mall Tour and will be in Boston on Friday. But we also
have the Nickelodeon Tour coming up.

oooayaooo asks: where did you get the name,"blaque"?

cybervenue_blaque: Blaque came from Ronald Lopez who is Left Eye's Brother. He came up
with the name and the meaning. Blaque means... Believing In Life and Achieving a Quest for
Unity and Everything.

msblingbling asks: how did you all meet?

cybervenue_blaque: Natina and Shamari met in school about 10 years ago. Then, Shamari
met Brandi at a talent show about 5 years ago, and that's we all met.

sarahw85 asks: so what is going to be your next single out??

cybervenue_blaque: The next single is going to be "Last Teardrop Falls"

badboypdiddy00_99 asks: I luv the remix to "I Do" by Trackmasters, can I buy somewhere???????

cybervenue_blaque: Actually it's not available as a single... sorry. But thanks for the compliment.

supaalisa asks: hey blaque!!! which tour did u enjoy more, nsync or tlc?? (i like tlc, so u better say them :-) )

cybervenue_blaque: I enjoyed both tours very much but I loved *NSYNC. They had the smoothest running tour alive! There was no stress on the tour. Everything ran very smoothly.

athena_86_2000 asks: What was your favorite song on the album? 

cybervenue_blaque: Brandi: My favorite song is Leny

mikl_alford_2000 asks: What does your song "Leny" symbolize or represent? I've
been trying to figure that out since I bought the album!

cybervenue_blaque: Leny stands for: Love Ever Lasting I Never Want To Be Without You.
It's a song saying how much you're in love with someone. It has a very cool relaxed vibe
and that describes me.

hp_roleplaya asks: you going to your prom brandi?

cybervenue_blaque: I can't go to Prom. But I really really want to go! I have a wack
school. My school is a tutor.

likewhoachina asks: When Is The Movie Cheer Fever Coming Out?

cybervenue_blaque: The movie is not called Cheer Fever anymore. It's called Bring It
On and we are three ghetto cheerleaders from East Compton High and we are doing the
soundtrack. It's a comedy/romance/action... it has everything.

rooder05 asks: Where are all of you from? 

cybervenue_blaque: Natina: I am from NYC. actually Jamaica, Queens. Shamari andBrandi are from Detroit.

KrazyWild99 asks: Hi Blaque,I think you guys are da bomb! When will you be coming
out with your second album?

cybervenue_blaque: Our second album comes out first quarter of next year. And we will
start recording the next album next month.

mrs_bling_bling_00 asks: How tall are yall and I love yalls Video 808.

cybervenue_blaque: We are all midgets! We just appear to look tall on TV. Just kidding... LOL
We are 5'1, 5'2, and 5'3. We are exactly the same size as each girl in TLC. Shamari is the same size as T-Boz and Natina is the same height as Lisa.

smallfry1017 asks: natina do u talk to lil zane or lil wayne?

cybervenue_blaque: Natina: I use to and we are still good friends

ga255 asks: Of all the studios that you have worked in, which to you find is the best for the type of sound you girls like create? cybervenue_blaque: We recorded a majority
of the album in Bearsville, NY and we would say that was the most peaceful place to record. That's where we recorded Bring It All To Me. It was most peaceful cause it took us away from distractions and allowed us to focus on what was most important at that time... our careers. The scenery was
wonderful. It was snowing. We had our own log cabin. The other artists included Nas, Billie Lawrence, and Mariah Carey

mikl_alford_2000 asks: I know that Mariah Carey produced "Don't Go Looking For Love."
Were you guys actually working with her? If so, what was she like?

cybervenue_blaque: She sent the song to us while we were in the mountians recording.
She's a wonderful person.

MissJackson_83 asks: NATINA WHAT IS YOU TATTOO OF?

cybervenue_blaque: I dont have any tatoos. Anything you've ever seen is fake. Sometimes
you dont have to mark up your body to get an image that you want. But, thats just what I feel...

PabsDawg asks: what do you think of napster?

cybervenue_blaque: To each his own...

sarahw85 asks: were any of you guys attracted to N'SYNC come'on they are hotttttt!! 

cybervenue_blaque: Honestly. yes. I am not going to lie. I had a crush on... "Oh baby
bring it all to me"

supaalisa asks: Blaque: i saw you on the TLC tour! you were great! can't wait to see u this sat in NJ> look out for me and smallfry! :-) 

cybervenue_blaque: Ok I will!! And bring a Blaque Poster for us to sign or some kind
of picture that we can sign.

allofthis2003 asks: When you did your song with NSYNC, what was your favorite part
about it? tamika WV

cybervenue_blaque: Natina: After we got out of the studio, we knew it was going to be a hit

cutie_6963 asks: Do yall like the group Destiny's Child??

cybervenue_blaque: We love Destiny's Child. They are our label mates.

saymyname_2 asks: Did one of you date Romeo of Immature? 

cybervenue_blaque: No. we are all good friends with them.

cali19gyrl asks: I had the chance to meet ya'll in San Diego at a car show, and I played with Natina's dog...LoL You 3 are soooo down to Earth...That is nice 

cybervenue_blaque: Thank you very much, we try to stay grounded.

ebonixx99 asks: Blaque, i have an idea for a video/single. Ok, i noticed the color scheme in all the videos, they match the colors on the cd. So, how about a video with 3 songs, one green natina singing a verse of "Mind of a king" then Shamari singing "don't go looking for love" in green and my baby Brandi singing "Release me" on blue, not the entire song, but like a verse of each and the camera goes from room to room and focuses on one girl at a time, What do you think? HUGE
blaque fan! I think your idea is hot! You need to submit that idea to Sony records.

hp_roleplaya asks: So whats up with the new album, tha 411, any collabrations? cybervenue_blaque: I am trying to get with Wyclef Jean. Kandi from Xcape.But keep in mind the album will still have the originality of Blaque and many more.

nsync_princess_00 asks: I really love your music, and I wanted to know, what is your inspiration! I saw you when you were touring with *NSYNC, and since then, I can't stop listening to y'all! I think
you're really great!!!

cybervenue_blaque: My inspiration are the fans because at any moment if I ever feel that this is too much to handle and I think "what would everyone else think if we were no longer to gether" not to say that it's going to happen, but it's a thought process and I thought how happy people are to see
us perform and meet us and being able to give someone hope concerning their hopes for the future. My inspiration is all of you guys..

ant4u247 asks: Do you want to get more involved in movies?

cybervenue_blaque: Oh yeah. We have been talking to Immature and Countess Vaughan
and I would love to do something with them. We also got an offer for the Rugrats soundtrack and for the Big Momma Soundtrack - Martin Lawrence.

dmxs_ruff_ryders asks: who is the craziest of the three cybervenue_blaque: NATINA. I dont do anything based on what others think about me. I accept myself and thats good enough


cybervenue_blaque: Natina: My favorite artist is Michael Jackson and my favorite song would probably be... Crazy by Aerosmith

robyn262626 asks: Whats It like to have all the men at your feet?

cybervenue_blaque: Girl... wonderful...but, i only want one to spend my life with

mikl_alford_2000 asks: Natina, I know that you wrote "I Do" as well as a handful of other songs on the album. What do you use as your inspiration when writing, if any?

cybervenue_blaque: Natina: To be honest, I totally don't know. I can be on the highway and have a rhythm in my head and have to get a pen right away to right it all down. I was 14 when I wrote "I Do". I was watching MTV and Alanis Morrisette came on. The first thing I thought of was... "why isnt she played on R&B stations?" and I wanted to write a song that could make an artist like her have the acceptance to be played on both stations.

dangerousshame asks: what cds are in your cd player right now?

cybervenue_blaque: Natina: I have Marc Anthony, Sisqo, En Vogue, *NSYNC, and of 
course Michael Jackson. Natina: let me think... No Doubt.

mrs_bling_bling_00 asks: Who does yall hair styles??

cybervenue_blaque: Whoever is not fired... lol We've been through so many hair stylists... it's not like we dont get along or anything, but when they first get there, they try so hard to impress you and do good, but then shortly after that, they just don't style the same anymore...

giggly_girl_4you asks: Where you cheerleaders in Highschool?

cybervenue_blaque: Heck No. But, in our new movie coming out August 18th, 2000,
we play cheerleaders. The movie is called Bring It On!

jessers16_86 asks: Hey you guys are such great role models for teens especially do you feel being considered a role model?

cybervenue_blaque: Being a role model.. I feel that everything I do has to be very thought out because whether I realize it or not. I am a big sister to those out there now.

ant4u247 asks: Natina STOP PLAYIN! I live in Jamaica Queens.. in Richmond Hill!
What school did you go to?

cybervenue_blaque: Natina: Are you familier with Springfield Gardens?? Well, that's the school I almost went to.

laugh41 asks: what does 808 stand for

cybervenue_blaque: I know it does not sound like it, but it's actually a studio term for drum and base.

cutie_6963 asks: Does any of yall have an crush on any other stars like yall??

cybervenue_blaque: Natina: Yes I do but..

cybervenue_blaque: i dont have to tell you. nah nah nah nah nah nah!!

giggly_girl_4you asks: Why are ya'll so into acronyms?

cybervenue_blaque: Because we are very trendy

josefirving asks: HI BLAQUE WHEN U COMING TO THE UK??

cybervenue_blaque: Natina: As soon as our US touring is over. I promise!!

cybervenue_host: We need to start wrappingthings up... Anything you'd like to say to your fans?

athena_86_2000 asks: Where would I be able to get a transcript of this chat?

cybervenue_blaque: You can go back to and get the
transcript as well as go to our site and they will be there too.

cybervenue_blaque: Also, has a big contest coming up for us too.

cybervenue_blaque: Natina: You all are asking me questions.. I HAVE A QUESTION TOO!!

cybervenue_blaque: Can you all go to and pick out your
favorite song and post it on the message boards.

cybervenue_blaque: Goodbye, we have to go, we have a plane to catch and we thank you
all VERY much for letting know what Platinum feels like.

cybervenue_blaque: Please dont forget about us. we love you.

cybervenue_host: Thank you everyone for chatting with us and the girls of Blaque! Come back to

cybervenue_blaque: Without you, there would be no us! Bye bye

cybervenue_host: CyberVenue will have all kinds of cool things coming up with Blaque, so make sure you check back often.

cybervenue_host: Make sure you jump on to test your fate and find out which member of NSYNC or other popstar you're suited for?!

cybervenue_host: See you guys later!

cybervenue_host: Come back and chat with us tomorrow as we chat with the new Latin
sensation, S'tilo!

cybervenue_host: We're out...and goodnight!

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