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From the India newspaper Mid-Day. 4 May 2001

 By Narendra Kusnur ()


When Bryan Adams thinks of India, three things come to his mind. He visualises elephants, because that's an image he's carried even before he first came here. As a vegetarian, he thinks of Indian food, because he adores aloo gobi and tandoori roti. And finally, he remembers the warmth of fans he's met during his previous visits. The Canadian pop-rock star is now gearing up for another taste of India, when he performs at Bangalore and Mumbai this weekend. It's his third visit to this city after a concert seven years ago, he made a small appearance at the Channel [V] awards in 1996.

The Agenda: We get Adams on line for a telephonic interview, and he seems pretty excited about his visit. He beams: "When I first came here, I was promoting my So Far So Good album. This time, I'll be promoting The Best Of Me. When I first came here, I did only one city. This time, I'm doing two. So the next time, I hope to do three cities."


How he keeps attracting young audiences, after being on the scene for almost 24 years:
The best way to attract new audiences is to keep touring and giving concerts. I get a kick out of regular performances, and that's how I stay in touch with my audiences. In this field, one has to stay visual and live.


Whether turning 40 will indicate any signs of burn-out:
I feel fabulous about my fabulous 40s. No, there are no feelings of burn-out. If Mick Jagger can go on like that, so can I. The only difference perhaps is that I don't go out on tour for three years in a row, as I once did. These days, I feel the need to return home at regular intervals.

Whether he's past his peak, or whether the best is yet to come

Till now, you've seen the best of me now, you can see the rest of me. Actually, I'm just kidding. I think creativity always depends on the next big song. If I have a big hit next year, people will say I'm still as creative as before. At the end of the day, creativity is all about how you feel at the moment.


Whether he agrees with the practice of lip-synching

I've never lip-synched at a concert, even if it's for a show specially shot for television. I'm completely a live artiste, and I don't rely on short-cuts.


How much he attributes his success to songwriters like Jim Valliance and Robert?Mutt' Lange

Both these gentlemen are producers and songwriters who have collaborated with me on some of my biggest hits. As such, they are the soul and spirit of my music. They've also been very close to me as friends.


Whether Hollywood has the ability to magnify the success of songs since two of his biggest hits (Everything I do) I do it for you and Have you ever really loved a woman formed part of the film soundtracks Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves and Don Juan de Marco, respectively

I guess Hollywood has a special charm. These songs might have been big on their own, but the moment they became part of a Hollywood soundtrack, the scale of their popularity is multiplied.


Was there an affair with Pamela Anderson

No, there was nothing on. We only did a big event together and some photographs were clicked. You can read whatever you want into that, but honestly, there was nothing.


Whether his songs are inspired by places he visits

I keep touring various countries and I like a lot of them. If I began writing songs on the countries I like, I'd have to write too many songs.


What he plans to perform in Mumbai

The show will be about two hours. Obviously I plan to sing most songs on The Best Of Me. There will also be many songs from the Waking Up The Neighbours and 18 Till I Die albums.

Numbers game
A crowd of 15,000 people is expected to attend the Bryan Adams show at the NSE? Grounds, Goregaon, on Sunday.
According to T Venkat Vardhan, managing director of DNA Networks, which is producing the show, the singer will he'll be accompanied by a 21-member group, but will have only three core musicians on stage.
He will be carrying some 7,000 kg of equipment, and the total power for lights and sound combined (to be handled by Roger Drego) will be 300,000 watts.
In Mumbai, Aquaflow will be the opening act, whereas in Bangalore, Antaragni will perform first.
Adams will be flying in on his private jet from London.