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Rules and Wanted List


My rules are very simples:


1.1)If we haven't traded before, you send first.

1.2)Send the tapes / discs into a padded envelope by registered air mail.

1.3)Write me when you send and when you receive the tapes / discs.

1.4)I can't do 2:1 trades, it's too expensive for me.

1.5)I trade 1 video (120 min.) = 3 CD-R = 1 DVD.


2.1)Let me know if your bootlegs are MP3-sourced.

2.2)No 2 seconds gap.

2.3)I don't send cases. (too much weight).

2.4)If you want something I have on vhs or dvd, the trade will take longer. I won't accept this kind of trades if I don't have time.


3.1)Let me know if your bootlegs are VCD-sourced.

3.2)I trade DVDs in NTSC and PAL format.

3.3)I only trade VHS in NTSC format, unless you have very rare PAL videos.

3.4)I record the videos in SP speed, you must do the same.

3.5)Please use high grade videos / DVDs (Maxell XL Gold or Silver, Sony V...).



- The quality goes from A+ to C-



- TAPE : I have a tape copy.

- CD : I have the CD.

- TV : I'll make a copy from the video taken from TV.

- VIDEO : I'll make a copy from the video.

- MP3 : I got that show on MP3 or taken from MP3.


- HV : Home video.

- TV : TV broadcast.

- PRO : Professional recording (multicam).

- SCREEN : Screen shot.

- STAGE : Filmer is on stage (usually by a roadie).

- AUD : Audience recording.

- X-CAM : Filmed with X cameras.

- VCD : Copy from Video CD.

- DVD : Copy from DVD.


I'm mainly looking for bootlegs from: