dated 1985-1986
Translated from Swedish by Staffan Westin

Marian Gold, the singer of Alphaville, and his wife Manuela live in a two-room apartment in Münster, a couple of blocks from the premises of the Nelson collective. They don't have much furniture in their apartment: a bed, a mattress on the floor, a suite of a leather sofa and an armchair, which is the wedding gift from Manuela's parents. Furthermore they have quite a few pairs of riding boots, because both Marian and Manuela like to ride in their spare time.

"Poppis" went to Münster to interview Marian and met him in the house of the collective. There he together with Bernhard was recording a song probably entitled "The Golden Feeling" that will be the title song of a new West-German thriller.

Marian was very tired when I met him; he had been working more than 48 hours in a row with the new song.

The kitchen is the heart of the Alphaville collective and it is also there that Nelson, the young cat of the collective, hangs out. Nelson is repeatingly trying to get into the bad of the "Poppis'" reporter and Marian has to lift him
up all the time. Marian says that the dog raises Nelson; one night when Marian entered the kitchen the dog was lifting the cat out of the trash can. Marian himself doesn't seem to be an expert cat raiser, and is mostly using the diplomatical strategy of talking Nelson into better thoughts.