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Hi, my name is Adam King. I am 19 years old and am currently attending Central Michigan University where I am majoring in MIS or something related to that. I'm actually from Algonac, Michigan(you probably have no idea where that is). My favorite band is obviously the Counting Crows. I've seen them twice in concert, once in Detroit and once in Ann Arbor. Well anyway, here are a few pictures of me and some of my friends.

C'est moi! This is me at in my dorm at school.
Some people say I look like Adam Duritz...

This is my friend Alek, my high school physics teacher Mr. Sabo, and me.

It's disection time for Nichole and Adam Drake!

C'est moi encore!

This is from last Halloween. Here's Dan, Hoage(Superman),
Chris, and Phil(Captain Morgan).

Another Halloween picture.
That's Rymar(Magnum P.I.) being manhandled by Superman.

This is a picture of the group of us that went to Washington DC last spring. I am in the bottom middle.

Can't you hear me cause I'm screaming
I did not go outside yesterday
Don't wake me, please don't wake me
Cause I was dreaming
I don't go outside much these days

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