Brian MacLeod

Brian MacLeod (June 25, 1952 - April 25, 1992) was an extremely talented and versitile musician who was an intregal part of the bands Chilliwack and The Headpins. Brian's talent went beyond that of a Musican to that of Producer, working with such artists as Chilliwack, The Headpins and Chrissy Steele.

Brian started out in the Canadian band Peppertree, on guitar. Bill Henderson recalled that Brian asked to join the band after hearing "California Girl." As fate would have it, Bill took Brian up on his offer and the young guitarist replaced Howard Froesh on the "Lights From the Valley" album. Brian began contributing right from the start -- his signature guitarwork (more clean, heavier sound) sent the band into the hard rock category. He also wrote and sang on "No Love at All," one of my favorite tracks from "Lights From the Valley."

It was around the "Breakdown in Paradise" album the Brian and bassist Ab Bryant formed The Headpins as a side project to Chilliwack. Chilliwack was having problems getting royalty payments from the finacially troubled Mushroom Records. The Headpins was a way for Brian and Ab to generate some income while the financial issues (many of which still linger today) were worked out.
1982's "Opus X" was the last Chilliwack album of new material Brian would appear on. Bill Henderson had always felt side one of this album represented Chilliwack, while side two was more Headpins oriented. Once the album was completed, Brian and Bill spoke and came to the conclusion it was best if they explored other options. Bill would go on to make one more album as Chilliwack while Brian focused his attention on The Headpins.

By all reports, Brian was an extremely kind and generous individual, but was very focused when it came to his music. There were arguments based on musical differences and styles, both within the Headpins and Chilliwack. Yet the end results were almost always spectacular.

It was sometime around '89 or '90 that Brian discovered he had brain cancer. During this time Brian continued with his production work and play guitar. It was around 1991 that he decided to bring the Headpins back together with new vocalist Chrissy Steele. Due to legal issues, the band couldn't continue as the Headpins and the album turned into a solo album for Chrissy Steele.

Sadly, Brian passed away in 1992 from inoperable brain cancer. He was in the the prime of his life and was still involved with several projects up until the time of his death. Several friends helped put together the Brian MacLeod Benefit Concerts that ran from 1992 to 1997, featuring some of the best musucians on the Canadian music scene.

I have only had the opportunity of knowing Brian through the music he helped create, but others who knew him personally remember a great, dedicated friend whose passion in life was his music. He is fondly remembered by those who knew and loved him, along with legions of fans from all over the world.

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