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I made this page using windows notepad, what's your excuse?

Other websites just give you the promoters hype. Promoters will tell you that their duran duran/goth night is the most Industrial night in the world. Here I try to give you actual reviews from someone who doesn't work at any of these clubs, someone with an Industrial point of view. Granted opinions are like a**holes, everybody's got one...

New York
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(For New Jersey Clubs, click here.)

Clubs to go to in NY when there isn't a show going on.

1. D I G I T A L   M U R D E R - Is closed.

2. Contempt! (next event August 16th). This is the best night in NYC. What's different about this night is that it's BYOCD, and they play tons of requests. There's also no list for this club, which means they're no politiking, which is quite a relief and keeps a lot of idiots out. Even the promoters pay to go to this club, it's run by the scene for the scene. Now THAT'S something. This club plays the best Industrial music in NY. 10:30 PM to 4:00 AM $5 w/pass ē $7 w/o 21 and over, sorry :(

3. This isn't very industrial, it's gotta lot of ravers, but it's the biggest thing in NY:
BAT CAVE & ALBION - SATURDAYS AT DOWNTIME,251 w. 30th St. Between 7th and 8th
On The 3rd Floor: DJ Ian Fford Spins 80ís And Alternative Dance. DJ Patrick Spins Goth And All Thatís Spooky!!!
DJ hellraver Spins Techno, E.B.M. and Industrial. (12am - 2am)
For reduced admission or more info email and you can be added to a permanent guest list.

You will see glow sticks, ravers and frat boys here.

Here is an excerpt from a review by Jonathan Fritz:

The music (albion)
As I stand amidst the darkness and cold gusts of air I realize that Albion is the same old tired crap as it was at the Bank. Ian fford likes to play the same stuff over and over again, so I guess he likes it as well as other people. Come on. The REPEAT OFFENDER. For at least the past year everytime I went to Albion I don't think there was a time when I didn't hear the same covenant song, apoptygma bezerk, mesh, kmfdm, Rammstein, depech mode, new order, cubanate, etc. etc. etc. same same same. It is enough to make me the "bitter man."
The sound is good not too loud, not too soft, just right.
--- Jonathan Fritz

Long Island
4 . Detour opens and closes a lot. I have no info. Check their website, email someone there and make sure before you go. Detour is primarily a synth pop night, but they have on for a little while an Industrial DJ named Tommy Teknik, who is top notch.

If you live on Long Island, you better get a car.


5. Nokturna Sundays w/dj wilhelm k and guests @ the Haunt
(702 willow ave ithaca, ny)

Its not an all industrial night. They play a lot of different stuff. There is definately some industrial, and really, what else is available in Ithaca?

If you are club promoter be aware that I am more forgiving of clubs I didn't pay to get into.

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