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In dark basements they hover over their noise machines. Standing amongst webs of cables and glowing displays, the industrial underground congregates to ensure the future of industrial culture. These are the bands of the New York Industrial Front. These underground industrial bands do not have any money. All they have is heart, black mechanical heart, but heart nonetheless. They sneak each other into studios in the middle of the night. They lend each other equipment and skills. They hold mega-industrial takeovers. Promoting Industrial culture throughout the region. They stand together, allies to the same cause: We need more industrial music, in more places, for more people, more of the time.

The NYIF is a non-profit coalition of NY industrial bands conspiring to strengthen the NY industrial scene. The N.Y.I.F. periodically releases a compilation of NY industrial bands in a series called Black Mechanical Heart 001-0??.

Current members include: Conversion Factor, Coup D'Etat, Crash AD, The Lucifer Scale, Maened, Matrix, Mindframe, Mindless Faith, Mold, Navicon Torture Technologies, Negative Hate, NeoCyberChrist, Polymorph 3.1, Psycho Horror, Side 3, Smite, and ViralSystem.

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