Who Am I?

My name is Jon. My wife, Susan, and I share a house with a Standard Poodle dog (his name is Cato; no he is not named after the infamous Kato from the O.J. Simpson saga, but because of the awesome Pink Pather movies) and a Siamese cat (her name is Oreo).

I am originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the United States. The Land of Enchantment holds a very specially place in my heart. If you want to read about what is currently going on in the Duke City, try reading the Albuquerque Journal newspaper.

Picture of Cleveland from WOIO-TV Helicopter

Susan may not be from the Southwest part of the United States, but she is a huge baseball fan; especially when it comes to the Cleveland Indians. She has converted me into one of the biggest Chief Wahoo fan right behind her and her mother. As you could guess, Susan is from the city of Cleveland. Cleveland, Ohio, is a truly wonderful, beautiful and modern city in America. By the way, if you are a Rock & Roll fan, then you will definitely have to check out the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame & Musuem when you visit the city. The Cleveland skyline with the Cuyahoga River picture seen above is taken from the WOIO-TV Channel 19's News helicopter.

Susan and I both work in the television news industry. You could say that we are "news-junkies." For example, if we go to a new city, we are always interested in watching their newscasts (all the while, we are critiquing the hell out of it!). You can find some interesting television news tidbits at the following web pages:

  1. TVNET

  2. Parrot Media Network - U.S. TV Station Directory

  3. Radio-Television News Director's Association

  4. National Press Photographer's Association

  5. Don Fitzpatrick's Shoptalk

  6. ABC

  7. CBS

  8. CNN

  9. FOX

  10. NBC

  11. PBS

  12. NPR

If you work in the television news, you might (and I stress might ) enjoy the following jokes.

Travelling is something we enjoy; I guess you could say it is a hobby. Meeting new people and seeing new places is one of the best ways to keep your mind working and learning.

We traveled to Europe for the first time last year (1997); we visited the following countries: Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Slovenia. It was fun from the beginning to the end. We enjoyed the city of Florence in Italy the best. It was so historical and yet it felt like we fit right in with everything around us.

Our next major trip we are planning is a vacation at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA. Susan's family has vacationed several times on the island and this year will be special because my oldest sister is now living on Hilton Head Island. It will be fun to see her and to just get away from the daily grind of the working world.

After our trip to Hilton Head Island, we are seriously thinking of traveling overseas again; this time to the United Kingdom. We are thinking of doing this in the Spring of 1999. We would hope to spend about two weeks traveling and learning about the different regions of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

If you have any travel tips or suggestions please e-mail us because we would love to hear from you.

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