1994 Sessions

The first studio session in 1994 was at Bob Lang Studios in Seattle, WA, over the weekend January 28th-30th. Someone who has talked to Earnie Bailey, Nirvana's guitar technician about this sessions had this to say:

"In January 1994 Nirvana recorded at Bob Lang's Studio in North Seattle. The only song he [Kurt] played on was "You Got No Right". Dave and Krist recorded 2 of Dave's songs and 1 of Krist's."

This version of You've got no right is expected to be on the new album, according to reports. It's also said that 'Exhausted', a Foo Fighters song, was demoed by Dave and Krist at this session. Three more songs were recorded (or maybe just tried out) by Dave and Krist, but they are still unheard. You've got no right is, in many peoples opinions, Kurt's best song (that's probably because they're tired of all the others, but anyway), and it was one of his last. Only one recording of it has surfaced, from the 10/23/93 Chicago, IL show. It was probably played more times, but that's the only recording. Here's a clip of it:

You've got no right

In the beginning you can hear Dave saying "This is our last song, it's called All Apologies", because he thougt they were going to play All Apologies.

In March '94 Nirvana were scheduled to headline the Lollapalooza tour, but then Kurt got sick and they cancelled. Kurt, Pat Smear and Eric Erlanderson of Hole recorded some songs in Kurt's basement about 2-3 weeks before his death. The songs recorded there, plus some Unplugged songs, were planned for an EP released in time for the kick-off of Lollapalooza. But when Nirvana dropped out the EP was scrapped. These are the songs thougt to have been recorded:

There were probably more. Some rumours say 9 songs were recorded. I read an article that said that "There are still some more unreleased Nirvana songs left", and it mentioned 'Talk to me', 'Opinion' and one unnamed. This would make sense - as Dough Ray and Me could be the "unnamed" one. Courtney Love had this to say on the HSMB Mailing List:

  "dough ray me is the last song Kurt wrote, mostly in the basement w/ Pat S and Eric- Also "got no right" I found a buncha lyrics on a napkin on the TV- also dr and me was called "Me and My IV" on the napkin."

Some sources say that Kurt originally named the song Dough, Ray and Me, but Courtney thougt it sounded wimpy and suggested it to be called Me & My IV instead. She has described it as "The perfect Alice in Chains song". We can only hope for these songs to surface sometime, or that it will be on the new album, whenever it comes out.

Now we're done with all the recording sessions. There are two appendixes - the first is Rare Songs only played live.

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