A comprehensive look at Nirvana's Rare Songs

Here I have gathered up some information on Nirvana's rare/unreleased material. Many facts come from Jack Endino's FAQ and Rob Holmes' Rare Songs FAQ, but most info is directly from my head. All sound clips are courtesy of me, and since they aren't full-length you can use them freely. This guide is mainly for you fans who are only into Nirvana's "offcial" stuff, and don't know about bootleg recordings etc. Please send me any further information, opinions, comments or other things.

Sections covered in this guide

Earliest recordings / The Dale Crover Demo / Bleach Sessions / Mid - '89 to Late '90 / Nevermind Sessions / Mid - '91 to Early '93 / 1994 Sessions / Rare songs only played live / Never heard songs

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