Nirvana Bootlegs!!!!

Nirvana Bootlegs

Last updated on: November 18, 2004
Anything that ends in three question marks (ex. ana???, cdr???) means that I have it in that format, but I don't know what generation it is.

??, Washington -party 03/??/87
8 tracks 45mins.
source: ANA(1)>MP3>ANA?
Downer(cut)/Aerozeppelin/If You Must/Heartbreaker/How Many More Times/Mexican Seafood/Pen Cap Chew/Spank Thru/Hairspray Queen/

Olympia, Washington -KAOS Radio 04/17/87
9 tracks 35mins.
source: FM>ANA(3)
Love Buzz/Floyd the Barber/Downer/Mexican Seafood/White Lace and Strange/Spank Thru/Anorexorcist/Hairspray Queen/Pen Cap Chew/

Tacoma, Washington -Community World Theater 01/23/88
12 tracks 55mins.
source: ANA???
If You Must/Downer/Floyd/Paper Cuts/Spank Thru/Hairspray Queen (the song starts and then the band stops)/Aero Zeppelin/Beeswax/Mexican Seafood/Pen Cap Chew/Anorexorcist/Hairspray Queen/Raunchola/Moby Dick/

Seattle, Washington -The Underground 12/28/88
10 tracks 40mins.
source: ANA???
school/love buzz/floyd/mr.moustache/paper cuts/mexican seafood/spank thru/sifting/hairspray queen/blew/

Auburn, WA -Lindbloom Student Center, Green River Community College 05/26/89
11 tracks 27mins.
source: vid1>cdr2
Dive/School/Love Buzz/Scoff/Sifting/Big Cheese/Floyd The Barber/Spank Thru/About A Girl/Negative Creep/Blew/

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -J.C. Dobbs 7/12/89
15 tracks 65mins.
source: ANA???
school/floyd/love buzz/scoff/about a girl/spank thru/papercuts/mr. moustache/big cheese/polly/sifting/blandest/dive/negative creep/blew/

Omaha, Nebraska -Lift Ticket Lounge 10/8/89
16 tracks 45mins.
source: ANA???
dive/polly/big cheese/about a girl/spank thru/junkyard/stain/ been a son/negative creep/blew/paper cuts/even in his youth/breed/

Portsmouth, UK -Ents Hall 10/28/89
14 Tracks 45mins.
source: ANA???
School/Scoff/Love Buzz/Floyd the Barber/Dive/Polly/Big Cheese/Spank Thru/About A Girl/Junkyard/Stain/Been A Son/Negative Creep/Blew/

Birmingham, England -Edwards 10/29/89
25 tracks 90mins.
source: ANA???
title: Wired
1-12 (Edwards):
Scoff/Love Buzz/Floyd/Dive/Polly/Big cheese/Spank Thru/About a Girl/Junkyard/Mr. Moustache/Negative Creep/ Blew/
13-25 (Astoria Theatre) London, England 12/03/89:
dive/big cheese/polly/spank thru/about a girl/breed/molly's lips/sappy/blew/
Missing (London): this is only the last half of the show.

Hilversum, Holland -VPRO Radio 11/01/89
2 tracks 10mins.
source: ANA???
Dive/About a Girl/

Amsterdam, Holland -Melkweg 11/5/89
19 tracks 75mins.
source: ANA???
school/scoff/love buzz/floyd/dive/polly/big cheese/spank thru/ about a girl/mr. moustache/even in his youth/breed/been a son/improv/stain/negative creep/blew/junkyard/help me, I'm hungry/

Enger, Germany -Forum 11/10/89
15 tracks 45mins.
source: ANA???
school/scoff/lovebuzz/floyd/dive/polly/big cheese/about a girl/spank thru/mr. moustache/breed/been a son/negative creep/stain/blew/

Hanau, Germany -Ku-Ba Club 11/18/89
13 tracks 45mins.
source: ANA???
School/Scoff/Love Buzz/Floyd the Barber/Dive/ Big Cheese/ Molly's Lips/Spank Thru/About A Girl/ Mr. Moustache/Imodium/Negative Creep/Blew/

Mezzago, Italy 11/26/89
4 tracks 15 mins.
source: ANA???
unknown/unknown/High on the Hog/Loser/

Issy Les Moulineaux, France -MJC Fahrenheit 12/01/89
14 tracks 45mins.
source: ANA???
Intro/School/Scoff/Floyd the Barber/Love Buzz/Dive/Polly/Big Cheese/Spank Thru/Imodium/Been A Son/Stain/Negative Creep/Blew/

Portland, Oregon -Pine Street Theatre 02/09/90
10 tracks 40mins.
source: ANA???
floyd/dive/love buzz/spank thru/molly's lips/sappy/scoff/about a girl/been a son/blew/

Charlottesville,Virginia -Milestone 05/02/90
18 tracks 65mins.
source: ANA2
Here She Comes Now/Floyd the Barber/Love Buzz/Dive/About a Girl/Polly/Scoff/Pay to Play/Molly's Lips/School/Big Cheese/Spank Thru/In Bloom/Sappy/Been a Son/Stain/Negative Creep/Blew/

Lincoln, Nebraska -Duffy's Bar 05/14/90
22 tracks 75mins.
source: ANA???
title: Stiff Drinks
1-15 5/14/90:
school/floyd/spank thru/scoff/dive/about a girl/breed/big cheese/love buzz/here she comes now/polly/pay to play/been a son/ stain/negative creep/
16-22 demos:
hairspray queen/lithium/sappy/polly/son of a gun/dive/about a girl/

Hollywood, California -Paladium 08/17/90
22 tracks 75mins.
source: ???
title: The Lost American Concert
1-15 8/17/90:
love buzz/floyd/scoff/dive/about a girl/spank thru/breed/in bloom/school/been a son/negative creep/blew/in bloom*/floyd*/Verse Chorus Verse*/
16-21 Del Mar, California 12/28/91:
drain you/slts/polly/sliver/caya/lithium/
22 Rio de Janiero, Brazil 01/22/93:
It's closing soon/
Notes: *=sound checks. "It's Closing Soon" is a duet of Kurt & Courtney.

San Diego, CA -The Casbah 08/19/90
16 tracks 60mins.
source: ANA1>DAT1>CDR1
In Bloom/Floyd The Barber/Love Buzz/Dive/School/Big Cheese/About A Girl/Stay Away/Lithium/Scoff/Spank Thru/Been A Son/Stain/Negative Creep/Blew > Jam/Verse Chorus Verse/

Olympia, Washington -KAOS Radio 9/25/90
1 1/2 tracks 10mins.
source: ???
Opinion/Lithium (1/2)/

Nottingham, England -Trent Polytechnik 10/27/90
23 tracks 70mins.
source: ???
blew/been a son/negative creep/stain/lithium/spank thru/breed/about a girl/dive/sliver/big cheese/floyd/polly/scoff/ love buzz/D7/son of a gun/molly's lips/school/paper cuts/pay to play/donuts/

Seattle, Washington -Off Ramp 11/25/90
19 tracks 65mins.
source: ANA???
aneurysm/oh, the guilt mr. moustache/pay to play/breed/floyd/ about a girl/in his room/in bloom/swap meet/been a son/stain/ blew/sappy/lithium/school/d-7/here she comes now/sliver/dive/

Seattle, WA -Music Source Studios 01/01/91
7 tracks 20mins.
source: mp3
All Apologies/Anuerysm/Even in His Youth/Oh, The Guilt/On a Plain/Radio Friendly Unit Shifter/Token Eastern Song/

Seattle, Washington -OK Hotel 4/17/91
19 tracks 60mins.
source: ANA???
polly/big cheese/turnaround/love buzz/d-7/blew/been a son/stain/negative creep/wild thing jam/about a girl/breed/floyd/in his hands/slts/school/dive/tp/Sliver/

Reading Festival, England 8/23/91
11 tracks 35mins.
source: ANA???
school/floyd/drain you/caya/breed/sliver/molly's lips/ lovebuzz/negative creep/blew/endless, nameless/

New Haven, Connecticut -The Moon 09/26/91
18 tracks 70mins.
source: ANA???
Title: Playing at the Moon
jesus wants me/here she comes now/d-7/aneurysm/drain you/ school/floyd/about a girl/love buzz/slts/breed/polly/spank thru/ sliver/blew/been a son/negative creep/endless, nameless/

Detroit, Michigan -St. Andrew's Hall 10/11/91
4 tracks 15mins.
source: vinyl(M)
Title: Household Drugs and Other Hits
household drugs/school/on a plain/about a girl/
Alt-Names: "household drugs" = "pennyroyal tea"

Detroit, Michigan -St. Andrew's Hall 10/11/91
22 tracks 75mins.
source: ANA???
jesus wants me/aneurysm/drain you/school/floyd/slts/about a girl/ breed/polly/sliver/pennyroyal tea/love buzz/caya/blew/negative creep/been a son/on a plain/lithium/tp/rape me/something in the way/endless, nameless/

Detroit, Michigan -St. Andrew's Hall 10/11/91
22 tracks 75mins.
source: CDR1
Title: Dallas 91
jesus wants me/aneurysm/drain you/school/floyd/slts/about a girl/ breed/polly/sliver/pennyroyal tea/love buzz/caya/blew/negative creep/been a son/on a plain/lithium/tp/rape me/something in the way/endless, nameless/

Chicago, Illinois -Cabaret Metro 10/12/91
22 tracks 70mins.
source: ANA???
Title: Dressed For Success
1-16 (Cabaret Metro) Chicago, IL 10/12/91:
jesus wants me/aneurysm/school/floyd/ drain you/slts/about a girl/breed/polly/sliver/pennyroyal tea/love buzz/been a son/on a plain/negative creep/blew/noise/
17-19 1988 session:
bambi kill/clean up before she comes/beans/token middle eastern song/
20-21 demos:
about a girl/drain you/
Notes(demos): the title claims that "about a girl" was recorded on a boombox(it's kurt-solo, alt. lyrics) and "drain you" was recorded at the Melvin's house in 8/90.

Minneapolis, MN -First Avenue 10/14/91
22 tracks 75mins.
source: ANA???
formaldehyde/jesus wants me aneurysm/drain you/school/floyd/ slts/polly/about a girl/ lithium/caya/breed/love buzz/sliver/tp/been a son/negative creep/blew/on a plain/endless, nameless/something in the way/rape me/

Hollywood, CA -The Palace 10/27/91
?? tracks ??mins.
source: CDR???
Drain You/School/Aneurysm/About A Girl/Smells Like Teen Spirit/Breed/Polly/Sliver/Lithium/Pennyroyal Tea/Love Buzz/On A Plain/Been A Son/Negative Creep/Blew/Come As You Are/Rape Me/Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam/Territorial Pissings/

Seattle, Washington 10/31/91
19 tracks 75mins.
source: ANA???
Title: Trick or Treat
jesus wants me/aneurysm/drain you/school/floyd/slts/about a girl/polly/breed/sliver/love buzz/lithium/been a son/negative creep/on a plain/blew/rape me/tp/endless, nameless/

Rome, Italy -Castle Theatre 11/19/91
18 tracks 65mins.
source: ANA???
Drain You/Aneurysm/School/Floyd the Barber/SLTS/About A Girl/Polly/Lithium/ Sliver/CAYA/Breed/Been A Son/Negative Creep/On A Plain/Blew/Rape Me/Spank Thru/Territorial Pissings/

Bologna, Italy -?? 11/21/91
18 tracks 60mins.
source: ANA???
Title: Europe 1991
drain you/aneurysm/school/floyd/slts/about a girl/polly/lithium/ breed/sliver/in bloom/been a son/ negative creep/on a plain/blew/talk to me/Oh, the guilt/tp/

Gent, BE (Ghent) -Vooruit 11/23/91
19 tracks 79mins.
source: ANA1>DAT>CDR
Drain You/Aneurysm/School/Floyd The Barber/Smells Like Teen Spirit/Curmudgeon/Oh, The Guilt/Lithium/Sliver/About A Girl/Polly/Talk To Me/The End/Been A Son/Negative Creep/On A Plain/Blew/Where Did You Sleep Last Night/Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam/

Amsterdam, Holland -Paradiso 11/25/91
15 tracks 45mins.
source: CD(M)
Title: Smells Like Teen Spirit
slts/drain you/anuerysm/school/floyd/about a girl/polly/lithum/sliver/breed/been a son/negative creep/on a plain/blew/love buzz/

London, England -Kilburn National Ballroom 12/5/91
17 tracks 60mins.
source: ANA???
drain you/aneurysm/school/floyd/slts/about a girl/polly/formaldehyde/sliver/lithium/breed/been a son/negative creep/on a plain/blew/molly's lips/tp/

Nagoya, Japan -Club Quattro 02/16/92
18 tracks 65mins.
source: ANA???
Negative Creep/Been A Son/On A Plain/Blew/CAYA/Lithium/Breed/Sliver/Drain You/About A Girl/School/Aneurysm/Love Buzz/Polly/Lounge Act/Dumb/Territorial Pissings/SLTS/

Roskilde, DK -Roskilde Festival 06/26/92
tracks ??mins.
Aneurysm/Drain You/Stay Away/Sliver/School/In Bloom/Breed/About A Girl/Scoff/Polly/Lithium/Blew/Been A Son/On A Plain/Swap Meet/Negative Creep/Something In The Way/Come As You Are/Love Buzz/Smells Like Teen Spirit/Territorial Pissings/

Stockholm, SE -Sjöhistoriska Museet 06/30/92
21 tracks 74mins.
source: cdr???
The Money Will Roll Right In/Breed/Sliver/Drain You/Scoff/D-7/In Bloom/About A Girl/School/Lithium/Aneurysm/Polly/Stay Away/Son Of A Gun/Stain/On A Plain/Been A Son/Negative Creep/Blew/Smells Like Teen Spirit/Territorial Pissings/

Reading Festival - England 8/30/92
16 tracks 65mins.
source: ana???
Title: Europe 1992
breed/drain you/aneurysm/school/sliver/in bloom/caya/lithium/slts/on a plain/been a son/all apologies/blew/dumb/stay away/tp/
Notes: not the full concert, but better recording. It's a soundboard recording.

Portland, OR -The Portland Meadows (No On 9 Benefit) 09/10/92
??tracks ??mins
source: cdr???
Breed/Drain You/Aneurysm/School/Sliver/In Bloom/Come As You Are/Lithium/About A Girl/tourette's/Polly/Lounge Act/Smells Like Teen Spirit/On A Plain/Negative Creep/Been A Son/All Apologies/Blew/Stay Away/D-7/Love Buzz/Rape Me/Territorial Pissings/

Valencia, CA - Castaic Lake 09/26/92
2 tracks 10mins.
Where Did You Sleep Last Night?(Kurt solo)/The Money Will Roll Right In (w/Mudhoney)/
Rio de Janeiro, BR -Ariola Ltda BMG 01/22/93
9 tracks ??mins.
source: mp3
Heart-Shaped Box/Scentless Apprentice/Milk It/Moist Vagina/Very Ape/Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip/Unknown Song #1/Unknown Song #2 [Grohl solo]/Seasons In The Sun/

San Francisco, California -The Cow Palace (The Bosnian Rape Benefit) 4/9/93
21 tracks 73mins.
source: ana???
Breed/Sliver/Caya/Milk It/About a Girl/Lithium/Dumb/Francis/Serve the Servants/Aneurysm/Slts/Tp/Blew/All Apologies/Hsb/Scentless Apprentice/Something in the Way/Negative Creep/Been a Son/Dive/Love Buzz/

New York, NY -Roseland 07/23/93
22 tracks 85mins.
source: ana???
serve the servants/scentless apprentice/school/breed/lithium/caya/milk it/drain you/tourette's/aneurysm/very ape/hsb/rape me/all apologies/polly/ dumb/where did you sleep/something in the way slts/endless, nameless/

Milwaukee, WI -Mecca Auditorium 10/26/93
24 tracks 110mins.
source: ana???
rfus/drain you/breed/serve the servants/hsb/sliver/dumb/in bloom/caya/lithium/pennyroyal tea/school/polly/milk it/rape me/tp/slts/all apologies/jesus wants me/something in the way/on a plain/scentless apprentice/blew/endless, nameless/

Seattle, WA -Pier 47 12/13/93
18 tracks 70mins.
source: cd(m)
title: Morituri Salutant
(Pier 47)1-10:
rfus/drain you/breed/serve the servants/rape me/hsb/pennyroyal tea/scentless apprentice/lithium/demolition/
(08/30/92 Redding Festival)11-18:
caya/lithium/slts/on a plain/stay away/tp/aneurysm/school/

Rennes, France -Salle Omnisport 2/16/94
26 tracks 90mins.
Title: Va Te Faire Enculer
rfus/my sharona/drain you/breed/serve the servants/caya/slts/sliver/dumb/in bloom/about a girl/lithium/pennyroyal tea/school/polly/very ape/lounge act/rape me/tp/the man who sold/frances farmer/sappy/all apologies/on a plain/scentless apprentice/hsb/
aneurysm/been a son/

Rome, Italy -Palaghiacco 2/22/94
22 tracks 90mins.
rfus/drain you/breed/serve the servants/caya/slts/sliver/ dumb/in bloom/about a girl/lithium/pennyroyal tea/school/polly/very ape/lounge act/rape me/tp/all apologies/on a plain/scentless apprentice/hsb + demolition/

Munich, Germany -Terminal Einz 03/01/94
3 tracks 15mins.
source: aud???
rfus/My Best Friend's Girl/Drain You/


Bleach source: CD(m)
Bleach source: ANA(m) missing two songs, they were spliced from the master for the Blew ep and forgotten when they went to make more cassettes.
Nevermind source: CD(m)
Nevermind source: ANA(m)
Incesticide source: CD(m)
In Utero source: CD(m)
Unplugged In New York source: CD(m)
From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah source: CD(m)

From The Muddy Banks of The Wishkah
source: vinyl(m)
From the 4th side of the vinyl version, lots of little clips of the band talking.

Lithium source: CD(m)
Heart-Shaped Box source: CD(m)
Sliver single source: vinyl(m)

Puss/Oh, The Guilt split single
2 tracks 7mins.
source: cd(m)
Puss (by Jesus Lizard)/Oh, The Guilt (by Nirvana)/

6 tracks 18mins.
source: cd(m)
Turnaround/Aneurysm/D7/Son of a Gun/Even in His Youth/Molly's Lips/

Sub Pop 200 source: CD(m) Track: Spank Thru
Teriyaki Asthma Vols I-V source: CD(M) Track: Beeswax
Hard To Believe source: CD(m) Track: Do You Love Me?
Fourteen Songs For Greg Sage and the Wipers source: CD(m) Track: Return Of The Rat
Burning Leaves, The Third Fall of DGC source: CD(m) Track: Curmudgeon
No Alternative source: CD(m) Track: Sappy
The Beavis and Butthead Experience source: CD(m) Track: I Hate Myself and I Want To Die
Geffen Rarities Vol. 1 source: CD(m) Track: Pay To Play
Home Alive: The Art Of Self Defense source: CD(m) Track: (live)
Saturday Night Live: The Musical Performances, Volume 1 source: CD(m) Track: Rape Me (live)

Side Projects/Related Stuff:
The Priest they call him
1 track 10mins.
source: vinyl(m)
Kurt playing guitar as background while William S. Burroughs reads a story.

Mark Lanegan - The Winding Sheet
13 tracks ?mins.
source: CD(M)
Kurt and Chris appear on Down In The Dark and Where Did You Sleep Last Night

Pat Smear - So You Fell In Love With A Musician...
11 tracks ??mins.
source: CD(m)

V/A - Songs In The Key Of X
15 tracks ??mins.
source: CD(m)
Foo Fighters - Down In The Park

Hole - My Body The Hand Grenade
14 tracks ??mins.
source: CD(m)
Odds n' Sods Hole Album. Kurt appears on Miss World. Courtney's version of Old Age.

Sweet 75 (s/t)
14 tracks ??mins.
source: CD(m)
Krist Novoselic's project after Nirvana

The Methodists - Cookie
13 tracks ??mins.
source: CD(m)
Chad Channing's project after Nirvana

Harlingtox Angel Divine (A.D.)
5 tracks ??mins.
source: CD(m)
Dave Grohl's project before Nirvana

Stinkypuffs - A Little Tiny Smelly Bit Of...
9 tracks ??mins.
source: CD(m)
Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic's first appearance after Kurt's death

Sonic Youth - Whore Moaning
5 tracks ??mins.
source: CD(m)
Kurt drew the back cover and one ofhis dolls appears on front cover.

Bootleg Various/Bootleg Comps:
Kurt And Courtney Movie
source: ANA(M)
Audience copy of movie, pretty good recording

How It All Started
22 tracks 70mins.
Recorded: various rare studio tracks
beeswax/mexican seafood/pen cap chew/mr. moustache/paper cuts/beeswax/pen cap chew/blandest/downer/floyd/spank thru/do you love me/been a son/d-7/pay to play/sifting/return of the rat/hairspray queen/if you must/sifting jam/blew/dazed and confused jam/

Outcesticide II: The Needle & The Damage Done
21 tracks 70 mins.
1. In Bloom - The Nevermind Demo 4/1990 2. Immodium - Early Version Of Breed 11/18/1989 3. Help Me - An Unreleased Song 11/22/1989 4. Oh, The Guilt - From Europe 1991 Disc 5. Smells Like Teen Spirit 1/23/1993 Rio (With Trumet Solo By Flea) 6. Pennyroyal Tea - Early Version 10/12/1991 7. It's Closing Soon - From Rio Studio Sessions 8. Heart Shaped Box - Early Version 1/23/1993 9. Scentless Apprentice - Early Version 1/23/1993 10. Been A Son - Acoustic Version 10/14/1991 Record Store Show 11. Something In The Way - Acoustic Version 10/14/1991 Record Store Show 12. Negative Creep - Acoustic Version 10/14/1991 Record Store Show 13. Where Did You Sleep - Kurt Cobain Solo Castaic Lake, CA 9/26/ 1992 14. Baba O'Riley - Who Cover 12/6/1991 Rennes,France 15. The End - Doors Cover 11/23/1991 Ghent, Belgium 16. Lithium - The Nevermind Demo 4/1990 17. Dumb - With Melora Craeger On Cello 2/22/1994 Rome, Italy 18. Molly's Lips - Vaselines Cover 11/18/1989 19. In His Hands - An Unreleased Song 8/17/1990 20. The Man Who Sold The World - David Bowie Cover 12/14/1993 21. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Television 11/1991 The World TV Show

Outcesticide III: The Final Solution
23 Tracks 70 Minutes
1. Rape Me - Live - French TV Studios 2/4/1994 2. Pennyroyal Tea - Live - French TV Studios 2/4/1994 3. Drain You - Live - French TV Studio 2/4/1994 4. Marigold - Studio - The Original Dave Grohl Demo 12/23/1990 5. Dive - Live - 11/18/1989 6. Mr. Moustache - Studio - Early Version With Different Lyrics 6/11/1988 7. Blandest - Studio - The Unreleased Love Buzz Single B Side 6/11/1988 8. Even In His Youth - Studio - An Early Version From Music Source 10/1989 9. Polly - Studio - An Early Electric Version From Music Source 10/1989 10. SLTS - Live - MTV Studios 1/10/1992 11. Serve The Servants - Live - Italian TV Studios 2/23/1994 12. Dumb - Live - Italian TV Studio 2/23/1994 13. The Eagle Has Landed - Live - An Early Tourette's 8/30/1992 14. Aneurysm - Live - An Early Live Version 11/25/1990 15. Oh, The Guilt - Live - An Early Live Version 11/25/1990 16. Dive - Live - VPRO Radio Session 11/1/1989 17. About A Girl - Live - VPRO Radio Session 11/1/1989 18. The Money Will Roll Right In - Live - A Cover Of Mudhoney/Fang 8/30/1992 19. In His Room - Live - An Early Live Version 11/25/1990 20. Curmudgeon - Live - The Only Known Live Performance 11/23/1991 21. Alcohol - Live - The Only Known Live Performance 11/26/1989 22. Raunchola- Live - The Only Known Live Performance 12/14/1987 23. Beans - Studio - Late 1988 Demo

Rare Compliation
15 tracks 45mins.
Recorded: various rare and live tracks
Opinion/Lithium(1/2)KAOS (9/25/90)/Rape Me (6/18/91)/On The Mountain(10/23/93)/Junkyard (10/08/89)/Anorexorcist (12/14/87)/Immigrant Song(12/21/88)/Help Me, I'm Hungry (9/28/91)/Pen Cap Chew (12/14/87)/My Sharona (02/16/94)/Sappy (02/25/94)/Beeswax (10/30/92)/Jam/Help Me, I'm Hungry (11/8/89)/Jam /Sappy (02/13/90)/

Shoot The Shit Vol.1
28 tracks 90mins.
Recorded: various rare and live tracks
More Than Feeling-slts (reading 92)/Where Did You Sleep -studio demo???-/Mr. Moustache -fake-/Sifting -fake-/Breed -fake-/All Apologies -fake-/Molly's Lips -live-/Been a Son -live-/Polly -Barnyard Demo-/Spectre -barnyard demo-/D-7 -live-/Misery Loves Company -Barn yard demo-/drain You -4 track demo-/Black & White Blues/Here She Comes Now -live-/Blandest -studio-/Aneurysm (11/25/90)/Pen Cap Chew -studio-/Way Of The World -live-/Sweet Home Alabama -live-/I Feel Fine -live-/??/Dream On -live-/Milk It -live-/Rape Me -live-/Where Did You sleep -studio-/Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol -studio-/

Shoot The Shit Vol.2
22 tracks 90mins.
Recorded: various rare and live tracks
Montage Of Heck/Black & White Blues -studio-/Stain -live-/Formaldhyde (10/19/91)/Down In The Dark -studio-/Verse Chorus Verse -live-/Clean Up Before She Comes -studio-/Heart Shaped Box (Reading 92)/Penny Royal Tea -studio demo-/It's Closing Soon -studio-/Negative Creep -live-/Alcohol -live-/Curmudeon -live-/Oh, The Guilt -live-/On The Mountain -live-/Marigold -studio demo-/In His Hands (11/25/90)/In Bloom (11/25/90)/Swap Meet (11/25/90)/Money Will Roll Right In -live-/ My Best Friend's Girl (3/01/94)/If You Must (12/14/87)/Pen Cap Chew -studio-/Anorexorcist (12/14/87)/

Shoot The Shit Vol.3
31 tracks 90mins.
Recorded: various rare and live tracks
Territorial Pissings -live-/Vendettagainst(fake not Nirvana)/Rape Me -live- (10/31/91)/Demolition -live- (2/22/94)/New Poopy(fake not Nirvana)/Dance '93 (fake not Nirvana)/Heart Shaped Box (fake not Nirvana)/Vendettagainst(fake not Nirvana)/Donuts -live- (11/14/93)/Sweet Emotions -live- (1/23/93)/The End -live- (11/23/91)/More Than a Feeling -live- (8/30/92)/Baba O'Reiley -live- (12/7/91)/My Sharona -live- (2/16/94)/Rock Whore -live- (11/30/91)/Bambi Slaughter -studio-/Black and White Blues(fake???)/Junkyard -live- (10/8/89)/Run Rabbit Run -live- (12/21/88)/ Sifting -studio outtake-/Blew -studio outtake-/Anorexorcist -live- (12/14/87)/Help me, I'm Hungry -live- (9/25/91)/Formaldehyde -live- (10/19/91)/Drain You -studio outtake-/Clean up Before She Comes -studio-/On the Mountain -live- (10/23/93)/In his Hands -live- (11/25/90)/Mr. Moustache -studio outtake-/Help Me, I'm Hungry -live- (11/22/89)/Negative Creep -live- (8/20/91)/

The Ultimate Collection Volume 2
16 tracks 55mins.
Recorded: various rare and live tracks
dumb (peel session)/endless, nameless(peel session)/sliver(album verison)/dazed and comfused(live)/talk to me(live)/oh the guilt(live)/(new wave) polly(album version)/something in the way/here she comes now/oh the guilt (album)/return of the rat(album)/gallons of rubbing alcohol(album)/if you must(studio)/Pen Cap Chew (studio)/Here She Comes Now/Where Did You Sleep/vcv-sappy/D-7*/
Notes: * "d-7" is the original Wipers version.

Nirvana Covers:

Xorcist - Bitches (EP)
5 tracks ??mins.
source: CD(m)
They cover "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Laura Love - Octroon
13 tracks ??mins.
source: CD(m)
She covers "Come As You Are"

??? - Hype Soundtrack
?? tracks ??mins.
source: CD(m)
??? cover "Smells like Teen Spirit"

Melvins - Crybaby, also excerpt on Bootlicker
?? tracks ??mins.
source: CD(m)
they cover "Smells like Teen Spirit"
Various Stuff For Sale/trade:

Stinkypuffs - A Little Tiny Smelly Bit Of...
9 tracks ??mins.
source: CD(m)
Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic's first appearance after Kurt's death
Fourteen Songs For Greg Sage and the Wipers source: CD(m)
Home Alive: The Art Of Self Defense source: CD(m)
11.18.94- added Teriyaki Asthma comp, Mark Lanegan - Winding Sheet
12.06.03- added burning leaves comp, sliver single & sonic Whore moaning ep. To covers added melvins and hype.

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