Current Spice Boys 27th Feb 1998

For the first time since the Spice Girls rocketed up the charts all five members of the band have permanent partners. The marketing experts are now asking if the latest change to their social status will affect their popularity. Every little development with the Spice Girls has led to speculation that they might be about to fall from grace.

The marketing of the band has centred around the Spice Girls being a band of young single girls. The new development in their social status just raises the question of whether it alters anything for their many fans.

So who are these boys who have stolen the hearts of the Spice Girls? Read on and find out.

David Beckman and Victoria Adams

Victoria and David

Beckman is the 22 year old fiance of Victoria. Posh Spice has earned her name because she has an upper middle class background with a father in small business.

He is a $50,000 a week soccer player for Manchester United and has a lucrative promotional contract with Brylcream. His gelled hair has become something of a signature look in Britain.

The pair recently announced their engagement. She flashed a ring belived to be worth $100,000.

Victoria and David are sharing a large house on Manchesters outskirts. The pair are one of the most glamourous couples in Britain and as is the way with these style couples, Victoria had her long hair cut ot match his style.

Fjolnir Thorgeirsson and Melanie Brown

Mel B and Fjolnir

Melanie Brown or Scary Spice is regarded as the most volatile of the Spice Girls, and of all the places in the world she chose to find a man, she sought out remote and freezing Iceland to come accross Fjolnir.

No one is sure how they met or whether Melanie will go to Fjolnir's home town of Reykjavik. He is said to be a professional boxer and businessman. The two were seen recently in the Pacific Island of Bora Bora during a time out from the Spice Girls visit to Australia.

They are known to have their rows and she is said to have wanted him to sign a pre-nuptial agreement. Hands of her millions, she reportedly demanded. It is said that they have his and hers tattoos.

Lee Brennan and Emma Bunton

Lee Brennan

The 22 year old man in the life of 22 year old Emma or Baby Spice is the lead singer for the popular fresh-faced band 911, which specialises in trying to create a nice-guy image.

Brennan is pretty successful in his own right - four top five hits in Britain in the past year. But he's had his hard times. He has had two battles with Hodgkins disease. His song called The Journey about his cancer made the charts.

Jason McAteer and Melanie Chisholm

Jason McAteer

The Liverpool soccer club defender and Republic of Ireland representative who has teamed with 23 year old Mel C or Sporty Spice earns $20,000 a week for his boot skills. But he is on workers comp after he broke his leg recently in a Liverpool game against Blackburn.

There are some doubts in England about how long this pairing will last. The 26 year old McAteer, broken leg aside, is known for being a serious partygoer with his soccer colleagues.

Jamie Morrison and Geri Halliwell

Geri and Jamie

The 25 year old polo playboy is the partner of Geri Halliwell or Ginger Spice.

He works during the day in a development company in London, though he doesnt need to as his father is rich.

Father Bryan, who comes from down and out Hackney, in London, made his millions as a music producer and publisher of Wham, Pink Floyd and the Bee Gees.

He poured some of his fortune into developing the $40 million Berkshire Polo Club, which charges $40,000 for members to join. He now counts Prince Charles as a polo playing mate.

Morrison has already had Geri around to the club to meet dad and his mother Greta, a former Bacardi model, and mingle with the royalty types who frequent there.

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