Hey, fancy this one? Is this Santa? Yes, but in the shape of a hammer. Five of them to be more exact... Aren't they nice in these red little caps of their? "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way, Oh What..." Hey, what's Oscar doing there? What's he reaching for? Hope it's the bag with the presents! Pleaase, give me a guitar this year Santa. Oh what the heck, I guess A HAMMERFALL CD will do.


Our Aristocat publisher, Elena Tsarouhi!!!...Yeah, should be no problem, as my friend, the evil one from Einsligen, would say: "Problem? What are you refering to? Things just couldn't be better!"
We're still alive isn't that enough? Plus we bring you the new improved Seventh Sign, which BTW hosts a new column. Yeap, we did it! We did decide to bring you HARDCORE and PUNK as well as GARAGE and other curious goodz!

Hey, wait! What's that over there showing from the corner? Oooops! Another new column, where all editors get to express their tastes by greading the CDs featuring in RECORDLAND. So that will solve the mystery of high grading as some "friends"of ours accussed us of doing.

Finally, for the last 2 months and forever onwards, Seventh Sign surfs the radio! Many of you know it already and have joined us, keeping us company in the cold winter nights (where are they actually? I'm nearly burning!). Soon enough we'll be selling our radio show videos, featuring that demented editor called Dimitris (wooaaaahahahaha), provided I get a video camera first, since these gadgets require money and this is something I'm short off.

So, I'd like to ask you for a favour. What would you say if we put a symbolic price just enough to cover the publishing expences, as everyone keeps asking me where the hell the money come from? The aswer is from my very own pocket. Please, do write and tell me what you thing about this last one. 'Cause if this situation continues Seventh Sign will vanish into thin air...



Elena Tsarouhi