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(Rhodon Club 14/10/97)

...All Hell Breaking Loose In Athens!

Saxon were punctual at their rendezvous with the Greek fans like true English gentlemen. It was 9:30 p.m. when the first notes from 'Dogs of War' were heard in the club and Saxon headed by their vocalist Biff Byford appeared before us being prepared to offer an amazing show to their Athenian audience. 'Rhodon' was teemed with metalheads whose average age was certainly above 20. Hellenic and English flags bearing the heroic 'NWOBHM' words waved proudly in the air and Saxon stormed on stage under general appraisal, simply a prelude of the frenzy to follow. They faithfully performed songs-hymns of the past along with 4-5 more recent tracks taken from their current LP, like the homonymous one, 'Cut Out The Disease' and 'Thin Red Line', entrancing the banging metallians with their feverish pounding and undoubtedly proving that Saxon still have to contribute much to our music for the years yet to come. A series of majestic tunes succeeded them, which included 'Heavy Metal Thunder', 'Denim & Leather', 'Solid Ball of Rock', 'Broken Heroes', 'Power and the Glory', 'The Eagle Has Landed' (arrghh!!) '747', 'Dallas 1 p.m.', 'This Town Rocks' (you bet it does!) and '20,000 ft' lifting the whole club to the same height…

Both Saxon and fans are having a hell of a time with what obviously develops into a classic metal party, everyone goes absolutely nuts screaming to the top of their voices the lyrics of the mighty 'Crusader' and the 'Princess of the Night', while Biff and his company are going at the same time berserk with the acceptance their monumental songs receive. Doug Scarrat, the new guitarist replacing Graham Oliver, clearly ascertained that he belonged among the wisest choices the band has ever made. Nigel Glockler is always a guarantee for the drums, Nibbs at his bass seemed to really enjoy this live and finally Biff, this magnificent and tireless veteran was sweeping the stage and being embraced almost constanlty with a warm applause. 'And the Band Played On'…, after a few minutes break they return for a mind-blowing encore to feed our everlasting metal hunger. Their second assault features the 'Wheels of Steel', an inescapable capture by the 'Strong Arm of the Law', the biker's classic 'Motorcycle Man' and an incredible cover of 'You've Got Another Thing Coming' by the masters Judas Priest.

A gracious bowing surrounded by a cheering and satisfied crowd marked their final departure from the battlefield (err..or was that the stage?), thus renewing their rendezvous after a party in a all their youth and freshness that exceeded 2 hours and made everybody to talk about it. Saxon, once more after the Rock of Gods 1 festival verified that evening their immense worth, shutting the complaining mouths of those who dared to defy them and presenting a lesson to nowadays bands and our generation as a whole on how a heavy metal live should be delivered. We anxiously await the Eagle to Land once again on Hellas. Till then… Unleash your Beast!!

Christos 'Aeon' Vlamis / George 'Sabbathical Architect' Zervos

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