Links for Civil Disobedience option toward achieving Diverse Radio

SITES REFERRED to in "Radio Free Richmond Project" live cable shows
(Oct.-Dec. '98) on MediaOne Cable Public Access Channel 38 - (periodically on Wednesdays ... check in)

Hightower Radio live 12N-2Pm Weekdays Feed (Using RealAudio)
Click on Hightower, then the commentary then archives...
San Francisco Liberation Radio
Radio Mutiny

Pirate Radio Network
Free Radio Network
Mid-Atlantic Infoshop
Micro Kind Radio, San Marcos TX
Radio 4 All - Spotlight on NAB
Free Radio Berkeley
Free Radio Press: formerly Radio Resistor's Bulletin
Program: The Food Not Bombs Radio Network
Black Liberation Radio
Paper Tiger Television
CounterSpin, from FAIR: Story re: Pirate Interference w Aircraft Communication
Microstation Broadcasting: The Long-Overdue Service
Micro-power Radio News
The Microradio Bust Response Network --Fight Back!
National Microbroadcaster Demo
Radio Listenership at All-Time-Low (In spite of more stations than ever!)
FCC Commissioner Gloria Tristani's Homepage_
__Check Out "Keeping the Local in Local Radio"+"Speech before FCC Bar Association"
FCC Showdown
National Microbroadcaster Demo
"Ironically although they are major consumers of news ...[though they are 25% of the
___population] ... feel isolated because___the media does not acknowledge them..."
Comments of Media Preservation Foundation
Opposition by National Public Radio to diversity in Radio Licensing
Comments of the NC Association of Broadcasters and the VA Association of Broadcasters


Media Access Project Website
U.S. Telecommunications Bill
U.S. Telecommunications Bill
The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation: Media Programs
The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation: Media Programs
Welcome to Americans for Radio Diversity
The Free Radio Network
Dark Alliance: The Story Behind the Crack Explosion
The A-Infos Radio Project
Radio Free Allston
E.G. Smith Worldwide Web
Speak Out Home Page
Alternative Radio
Making Contact Home Page
Grassroots News Network
Radio For Peace International
Radio Free Conscience
Arm The Spirit - For Revolutionary Resistance!
Law Offices at 368 Hayes Street
KFJC 89.7FM information
Free Speech Internet Television
Surface Transportation Policy Project Resource Guide: Case Studies
Coalition for Alternative Transportation
Bike Plan Source Home Page
ISTEA Reauthorization--TEA-21 Issue of the Week, 8/10/98: Environmental Conservation
W. Alton Jones Foundation
The Boycott Board: An On-line Directory of Boycotts
New Page 2
Boycott Nike Home Page
Welcome to the Rainforest Action Network Home Page
Welcome to Relativityís Web Page. Queen Anne Hill, Seattle
The MoJo Wire--Interactive Exposés and Politics
The Year 2000 Information Center - Year 2000 Press Clippings
MCVAP - Psych6
Surface Transportation Policy Project
Surface Transportation Policy Project This Week's News
WWF 500 Day Celebration-Living Planet Pledge
ACLU: American Civil Liberties Union
Center For Media Education Home
Northern Light Search: RM-9242
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Home Page
FCC Cracks Down on Pirate Radio
GoTo Search Results: rm-9242
Low Power FM
The LPFM Grapevine
Welcome To Lake County Radio
REC's 82-88 MHz Petition to the FCC
Hear Ye Hear Ye! New England Community Broadcasting Conference Update!
The LPFM Grapevine - Dead air comes to you courtesy of the FCC
Beat Radio Network
ARD News
Community Low Power FM Radio (LPFM)
Comments of City of Allentown
LPFM Comments
Pirate/Free Radio - Welcome from The Mining Co.
Free Radio Press: formerly Radio Resistor's Bulletin
Interest Groups Funneling Big Money Into Political Ads

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