Lyrics by Hewings/Boag. Music by These Animal Men

Released on Too Sussed? Mini-LP and the You're Not My Babylon single.

You're Not My Babylon

Coughinhg death with my Tommy gun
That Dillenger, he's such a brave man
And Billy, his woman, she is crying
They cut him down outside the radio house

He'd beaten her to a pulp, when they first met
He's the closest she'll ever get to a family now she said so
Never felt so
I never felt so lonely

Back on the reservation they celerbrate
Billy's come back home
But she died in 1969 of things she could not control

Machine gun Kelly was the first to crack
But Billy never let your man down
This could be the greatest moment of your life
Don't make it your last
He'll beat your mother with his fists to
Keep her from the reservation, to his bed and to hits.
To watch him kill policeman, to watch him die himself
And all this time he said, my love here's my love baby
My heart, my soul, my kiss my body, I'm not your babylon

The more he abused, beat and kicked her, the more Billie Franchette loved John Dillinger. C'est la vie.