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Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker

  • Label: MCA Records
  • Released: Thursday, September 15th, 1983
  • Re-Released: Tuesday, April 12th, 1994

  • Tracks

  • 1} Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker {Joe Perry, Mark Bell} [2:58]
  • {Lead Vocal: Mach Bell}

  • 2} Black Velvet Pants {Joe Perry} [3:20]
  • {Lead Vocal: Mach Bell}

  • 3} Women In Chains [4:05]
  • {Lead Vocal: Mach Bell}

  • 4} 4 Guns West {Joe Perry, Mark Bell} [4:28]
  • {Lead Vocal: Mach Bell}

  • 5} Crossfire {Joe Perry, Mark Bell} [5:43]
  • {Lead Vocal: Mach Bell}

  • 6} Adrianna {Joe Perry, Mark Bell} [3:20]
  • {Lead Vocal: Mach Bell}

  • 7} King Of The Kings {Joe Perry, Mark Bell} [4:02]
  • {Lead Vocal: Mach Bell}

  • 8} Bang A Gong {Marc Bolan} [3:53]
  • {Lead Vocal: Mach Bell}

  • 9} Walk With Me Sally {Joe Perry, Mark Bell} [3:14]
  • {Lead Vocal: Mach Bell}

  • 10} Never Wanna Stop {Joe Perry, Mark Bell} [4:27]
  • {Lead Vocal: Mach Bell}


  • Joe Perry- Gibson & Ovation acoustic guitars, Gibson six string bass, various Stratocasters, my red string Rich B*tch, Lap Steel slide and a prototype Bill Lawrence electronic which is the balls. Leslie Guitar, six string bass solo on "King Of The Kings."
  • Cowboy Mach Bell- Vocals, percussion of all sorts and general pagan inspiration to the proceedings.
  • Danny Hargrove- Gibson Les Paul Bass strung upside down and background vocals.
  • Joe Pet- Drums, congas, timballs, background vocals and Beautiful Gong.

  • Additional Players
  • Harry King- Grand Piano
  • Jim Biggins- Saxaphone
  • Ric Cunningham- Saxophone
  • Mark Parenteau- Chains

    Technical Information

  • Produced and directed by: Joe Perry for Lull Before The Storm, Inc. in association with TFI, Inc.
  • Arranged By: Joe Perry and The Project
  • Associate Producers: Harry King and Michael Golub
  • Engineer: Michael Golub
  • Tape Operators and Assistants: Meg Bryant and Ed Goodreau
  • Horn parts arranged by: Joe Perry, Harry King, and Michael Golub
  • Road Crew: Fred Rothmel & Sean McKinney
  • Art Direction: Pennry Ltd
  • Photography: Linda Lowell Compagna
  • Logo Illustration: Brian Penry
  • Hair Stylist: Glenda McNeil

  • Recorded, mixed and sequenced at: Blue Jay Recording Studios, Carlisle, MA.
  • Mastered at: Sterling Sound, New York City by Greg Calbi


    "We got Joe a record deal with MCA, and that spring he made "Once a Rocker, Always a Rocker" at Blue Jay Studio in Carlisle, Mass., Joe co-producing with Michael Golub."
  • Tim Collins from the Aerosmith autobiography "Walk This Way" {Page 396}

    "I liked that record. It sounded unproduced and was basically live. "Four Guns West" was what the band was all about. "Bang a Gong" was the old T. Rex riff we used to warm up on. We played it at live shows and saw the kids really getting off on it. (They'd never heard of T. Rex.) "Women in Chains" came from a band in Nashville. I thought it was cool to do a pro-woman song after all the heavy metal misogyny that was around. I never like that stuff. We put a disclaimer on the back of the record. "There are no synthesizers on this album."

  • Joe Perry from the Aerosmith autobiography "Walk This Way" {Page 396}

    "Halfway through the record, MCA tried to drop me. They had a new president [Irving Azoff] and he just didn't want to know. In the end, they figured it would be cheaper to finish the record--and bury it--than to buy out my contract. I didn't really give a sh*t. I just wanted another record so I could tour. Then it came out late that year and bombed."

  • Joe Perry from the Aerosmith autobiography "Walk This Way" {Page 396}

    "Summer Of '83. I'm living with Glenda the hairdresser, which is why I look the way I do on the cover of "Once A Rocker", the third and last Project album. I thought it turned out pretty well--the album, not the cover. When it came to do a video, we chose "Black Velvet Pants" and auditioned some people to be in the thing. That's how I met Billie Montgomery (Joe's Future Wife)."

  • Joe Perry from the Aerosmith autobiography "Walk This Way" {Page 397}

    "I went to do the video shoot [at the Strand Theater in Dorchester] [for "Black Velvet Pants"] and we did our thing. [The Story line involved a girl putting on a pair of black velvet pants and going to see the Joe Perry Project, eventually ending up onstage playing sax with the band.]"

  • Billie Perry from the Aerosmith autobiography "Walk This Way" {Page 399}

    "When I was trying to get Joe Perry a record deal, I sent a tape [of Once a Rocker] to John [Kalodner] at Geffen [records] and he called me up and said, in his characteristic nasal, deadpan voice: "I got your tape. It completely sucks. How could you even send out a piece-of-sh*t tape like this? I love Joe Perry, you've got a real artist here, but this tape just blows. Everyone else had said, "Hey! Joe Perry! Great tape! No deal!"

  • Tim Collins from the Aerosmith autobiography "Walk This Way" {Page 420-421}

    "While Aerosmith was becoming a laughing stock during 1983, Joe Perry was changing management, from Leber-Krebs to the Boston-based firm of Collins-Barrasso, changing band members, to make up a new lineup of Mach Bell on vocals, Danny Hargrove on bass and Joe Pet on drums, and changing record labels from Columbia to MCA." Unfortunately, as Perry was recording his MCA debut, the company's management changed, with former agent Irving Azoff taking charge. Apparently, the Joe Perry Project was not a priority to Azoff, and Once a Rocker, Always a Rocker, released in September 1983, went unpromoted and unheard, though it managed to sell 40,000 copies."

  • Taken from a *Goldmine* magazine article from Friday, June 26th, 1992

    Lyrics/Sound Files

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  • The "Thank You's" from the "Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker" album's liner notes are as follows:

  • Very special thanks to Michael Striar whose faith in me and The Project made this possible.
  • Thanks to: Fred R. for his assistance with my guitar in the studio and everywhere else. (Thanks, Fred.)
  • Thanks: Tim Collins and Steve Barrasso
  • It's hard to say who to thank the most for their support in the Project by here we go: Thanks go to Irving Azoff, Aztech Electronics, Woody Bavota, Bob Duteah, Earthquake, Rob Falk, Sam Faulhaber, Ellen Goldman, John Harre, Marsha & Nick Jarret, Jay Macken, Bill Madden, Magna Artists, Ed McGee, Doc McGrath, Mark (chain player) Parenteau, Mary Perry, Raleigh Pinsky, Bob Siner, Martin Silfen, Tom Swift, Andy Topeka, Leon Tsilis.
  • And to keep me going, thanks to: Peter Collins, Bill Foehl, Dr. Jonas, Janet and Bob Lawson, The Lodge, Bob Murray, My Analist, Dr. Michael Rees, All of my 10 Lawyers, Silfen & Glasser, and Danny Striar.

  • "Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker" has sold over forty thousand copies.
  • The original title for both the song and album "Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker" was "No Time For Women."
  • "Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker" is dedicated to Joe Perry's son Adrian.
  • Joe put a disclamer on the back LP cover of "Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker" which stated "There are no synthesizers on this album."

  • The following message was put in the liner notes of the "Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker" album by Joe:
  • Well, here it is ladies and gentleman, hope you listion to it in the spirt it was recorded. If there are any rough spots, turn it up and that'll take care of it. We'll be seein' you on the road, till then...well, don't get caught.

  • The "Black Velvet Pants" Video

    The Black Velvet Pants Video!

    The "Black Velvet Pants" Video Page

    "http://www.oocities.com/~perryfever /bvpants.html"

  • Pictures from the album.

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