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Our Fondest Fetish Wishes

Are you tired of surfing the web looking for something that will turn you on and not finding it? Have you loyally subscribed to Leg Show for years and wished they would do things differently?

This page includes wishes from our vistors. Let's hope that video producers and magazine editors will take note.

Our Wish List

Newest wishes at bottom
I'd like to see more professional women in leg magazines.
How about more pics of feet covered in food? More kitchen scenes please!
More trampling by ridingboots with spurs
Trampling with balletshoes, slippers and barefoot
Outdoor "picnic" scenes with a beautifully bound woman and a guy having "lunch."
Dominant females whipping and trampling males
More stockinged feet pages
How about some cable-knit kneesocks?
May be a site with only "feet punishment", or something with fakes and altered images about feet torture.
More variety and more sexually oriented Feet and legs pages.
Pics of sexy feet giving footjobs
Pictures of foot jobs
Stories climaxing in foot jobs! Mmmmmmmmm
My wish is to see two (or more) beautiful ladies slowly removing each others shoes and socks.
More Feet Arches. I Love Them
Amateur barefeet poses
More Black Female Feet and Foot Worship Pages. They must be out there somewhere!
More celebs!
I would like more sock fetish stuff including sock clad toe sucking
Black tights
More dirty (outdoors walking) soles! I can't get enough.
More teen & young feet, hopefully involved in mutual toe-sucking (NO sex!)
Celeb feet updates.
Stocking feet dancing on couches and beds....even some women in stockings and heels standing on furniture.
Stockinged toes under my nose. The aroma is.......
A foot tickling website that focuses more on feet and less on nudity
Ticklish black/minority female feet.
Bare feet on tip toes with panties around ankles.
More heels with women pointing there toes.. preferably on male private parts putting plenty of pressure. also same thing with canvas shoes.. like tennis or keds or something.
Trampling with alternative types of shoes (sneakers, thongs, moccasins, roller skates, etc).
More sites with long toenails.
I'd like to see legwarmers and longsleeved sweatshirts!
Trambling with Gummistiefel.
Girls inserting toes/feet into each other's vaginas.
I would like to see a site that shoes women wearing hose and topsiders.
Women in standing action foot, wich dipping their shoes.
Kneesocks and over the kneesocks with short skirts.
Feet cumshots
More Groin Kicking
I'd like to see men worshipping women police and school teacher's feet!
More private young girls where you can see the face
Long leggy ladies
Feet and toes (closeup-pics)
I would like to see natural hippie girls with smooth tan feet.
Pictures of fat wrinkled soles.
Toe Blowjobs. Deep Throat Sucking
More Ethnic Feet!
More Ballerinas with pointed shoes or slippers!
More pages that are for women and our point of view.
To see severe barefoot trampling punishment by beautiful women stepping on mens faces barefooted inflicting pain,smashing their eyes & standing on their throats suffocating them.
I wish to see more victory-trampling poses.
Female domination wearing daily clothing (shorts, jeans, socks etc.)
A lot more dipping and dangling ,and dipping, painted toes dipping prof. women in heels dipping.
More full-fashioned stockings.
More footworshipping scenes from TV/movies.
I'd like to see more foot sex, with the ankle all the way into the vagina/anus.
More men's penises in women's shoes such as sling backs, mules, slides, and sandals.
More pictures of full weight penis/balls trampling.
More pictures and stories on high heels sniffing and masturbation.
Sport Sandals:Nike Type, Birkenstocks, Chunky Sandals.
I want a girl student worshipping her females teachers feet! or any other nice scee that contains "master slave" kinda thing!!! and also some bondage with foot worship.
Women trampling each other.
Nude women in white ankle socks.
Pictures with boots, floor level shots, closeups, some crushing things.
Women posing outdoors in stockinged feet, standing and walking on grass, flowers, leaves...
Reinforced heels and toes,with painted toe nails-preferably red and high heel open toed and slingback heels.
Loads of sole tickling.
I'd like to see more female feet with extremely long toes!
More shoeplay, dangling and dipping that kinda stuff.
I want to see sove avi files of women trampling on men. Also make some free appetizers. To get more people to sign up. Once the see the goodies they'll want to join.
Bastinado stories and pictures (victim lies face down.)
To see womens feet in a pair of molded rubber stockings giving a footjob.
New celebs that now one else has done before. (Murphy Brown, Kristy Alley) And more girls toe sucking each other.
Dirty guys having foot sex with innocent young white girls.
More footjobs.
Lots of sock pics--young fems.
Women rubbing their feet against other women's feet! Animation of this would be great!
Barefoot Beach Babes exposing soft pink soles.
Very large-footed women with their feet up against rulers. Large-footed women going sole to sole.
Very pretty shemale feet incased in nylons. Shemale feet being kissed and sucked by males.
More Babes toe sucking!!!
Women outdoors in stockinged feet, standing and walking on grass, leaves, flowers...
I would like to see pictures of lesbians inserting their toes, whole foot and shoes into each other's vaginas.
Women inserting toes/feet into vagina with pantyhose/socks on.
Trampling with tennis shoes and bare feet...cum on feet.
Dirty soles and sandals.
Wrinkled soles.
Leggy ladies in knee length, but sexy split skirts...
No matter what the pictoral, please have the woman barefoot by the end in at least a couple of good shots.
No nail polish, dirty toenails!
I adore natural dirty soles of a woman walking bare foot and i love to see long painted toe nails.
LOTS more toe sucking.
Bare Feet in public places (ex. supermarket).
Small celeb feet with sizes!!!!
More women trampling / walking on men's penises in barefeet, in shoes, with penis in shoes (mules, slingbacks)
Dirty heels
Definitely more sandals, especially strappy platforms. Also footsex is too rare.
Women washing their feet in the sink
FOOT PLAY(FOOTY)men with women or women with women
Leg shaving pics
I am tired of so called leg magazines that only talk about feet. I LOVE the luscious legs of gorgeous women. I love seeing them in SHORT daisy duke type shorts. I would especially like to see a pictorial of a fine pair of legs being stroked by a stiff cock and I would love to read stories about horny legmen humping the Luscious tanned shapely satiny legs of lovely women until they cum all over their silky legflesh! Am I alone in this? I have never seen anything like this in so called leg magazines.
Women having their stocking feet measured with brannock device, ritz stick, tape measure.
Socks! Socks! Socks!, sweaty, smelly white socks. Women sitting on mans chest with feet in his face, making him smell them.
To cum on a pretty woman's arch while she is sleeping.
I would love to see tanned , luscious shapely, buttery soft female legs being stroked with a stiff cock, especially the backs of knees and thighs.
More thigh sucking
Pics of men being made to smell womens feet
A lot more foot tickling with face in the picture
More barefoot spreads, more latin and black women's feet, and more lesbin foot sucking and fucking
Ladies shaving their legs and having others shave them also
Guys sniffing girls' smelly socks
Men made to suck and chew womens socks and stockings clean after work.
Women who worship each other's high heels, licking and kissing them all over.
More amateurs in full fashion hose.
Attractive Strappy sandals on a nice feet, floor shots
More close up pics from female feet with long painted toenails in high quality.
Shoe dangling and sneaker dangling with white bobbi socks.
More scenes with Sadie Atkins AKA "Josie"
Beatiful feet of beatiful girls with NO nail-polish, trampling, being worshiped, and give footjob to slave men.
Crush in Nylons, Giantess Scenarios
Where to find escorts who specialize in foot fetish.
I really love heel and toe reinforcement on stockings!!
White, cable-knit kneesocks.
I want socks in my face. Athletic, red/blue, important for me to see the dark areas underneath to see one or more women working over a guy's face with those worn socks!
I'd like to see heavy women trampling cock and balls with old, worn out but high wooden or iron clogs (FULL WEIGHT, of course)
Men sucking cheerleaders' toes
Pretty feet, footjobs and cum, lez foot worship
Seamed stockings heels and rubber
Susan Swain from C-SPAN barefoot, ideally in reinforced heel and toe nylons
Shoe Store scenes of luscious women in tan hose haveing salesman drooling over their feet and shoes
I would love to see a beautifully shoed woman in either 5" high heel mules or open toe 5" slingbacks, getting a pedicure in a salon by a male pedicurist. He would seat her, delicately remove her sexy mules or slings, and then remove her stockings. He then would proceed to do the pedicure and while performing the service, the lady would be seated with her dress pulled up high from the stocking removal. The pedicurist would be able to be teased with "Upskirt Shots," and her feet and legs would be lovingly massaged and creamed. Her toenails would be polished bright red and when dry, her toes would be sucked and caressed by the pedicurist. He would then put her shoes on her and lick her toes once more through the "Toe lickout hole."
Deep-throating a sexy blonde's foot! It should hurt like hell... while she looks down at you laughing! mmmmmmmm yessss!
Dirty feet trampling and dirty feet being licked clean
Girls sucking other girls sneakers, slippers in master/slave scene.
Women sucking and licking sweaty hot feet that have been in tennis shose all day...With some smell..
DANGLING! NEED I SAY MORE? What's more sexy than seeing a woman balancing her high heel on her toes?
More feet pics, specially long toes, in rubber slippers, thongs, Hawaiians.
Women in panthose and heels kneeling on trampling males and other females.
To get foot jobs by women with pantyhose then cum up and down there legs then take off there stockings and lick there toes and feet while they suck on my dick.
Women walking on men with 6 and 7 inch heels and point shoe heels and then using a dildo on him like a woman.
Sexy groin kicking and hot foot jobs groin rubbing also.
More full-fashioned stockings with ballet slippers
Love to see women in sandals wearing sexy knee or ankle socks that are slowly creeping into there sandals and bunching up as they have foot sex.
I would love to see a site or movie dedicated to women(wearing High Heels stockings etc) playing footsies and giving foot jobs to other men and women.
I'd like to see black women on a bus on a hot summer day. All with their shoes off and some guy giving them foot-kissing and licking while crawling around on his knees.
I would love to see a shoe(High Heel) Dangle site with women playing footsies and foot jobs to men and other women Pictures and AVI's.
More penis in 5 or 6 inch pumps shots.Cum shots in and on high heeled pumps. High heel inserted into man's anus.
I would love to see a male tied down to his feet and bone ande getting tickled and tortured by a FEMALE. Also some advanced foot and toe torture.
More pedal pumping sites
I would like to see pictures of female Martial Arts girls doing KARATE barefoot !!!!!!!!
I would like to see girl on girl trampling.
Women with their casted foot having their toes massaged and sucked.
Canvas sneaker kissing ,sucking,sex.
Nurses in white reinforced heel/toe thigh-his, without shoes on.
I would like to see two lucious babes in tight leather outfits and red and black thigh high boots going at it, one dominating the other, making her lick her leathery clad legs and then making her make love to her 6 inch boot heels.
More stockinged feetpages
Long painted toe nails
Women's arched, pointed feet in soft ballet slippers
I really love heel and toe reinforcement on stockings!!
White, cable-knit kneesocks
Want to see hot sexy feet with lots of veins. Makes the feet look muscular.
Any girl wearing Doc Marten shoes/boots
I'd like to see heavy women trampling cock and balls with old, worn out but high wooden or iron clogs (FULL WEIGHT, of course)
Men sucking cheerleaders toes.
pretty feet, footjobs and cum, lez foot whorship
seamed stockings heels and rubber
susan swain from c-span barefoot ideally in reinforced heel and toe nylons
Nurses in white reinforced heel/toe thigh-his, without shoes on.
ladies in thigh high boots standing full weight on a mans penis with the sole, full body trampling, throat standing and groin kicking.
I would like to read stories of women taking off their high heels and making a guy smell her sweaty pantyhosed feet.
Girls serving mature women or TVs with toesucking, and licking/sucking their slippers, sneakers and loafers but NO fakelicking!
For a change, can somebody feature gorgeous gals sucking and adoring men's feet and toes. Am I alone in this situation? I sure love to have a beautiful babe give me a footjob.
There would be at least 5 guys on 1 girl and she enteraining them all at once and keeping them busy too
How about 50 girls trampling me to death!
More high heeled strappy sandles (like the ones Posh Spice wheres) Those are a turn on even for guys without a foot fetish!
Women going barefoot in public, maybe carrying their shoes and with very dirty soles.
Be a slave under some beauty girl
I would love to see a woman's extremely long toes being dug between by some very manly strong hands
Trampling on cocks in heels
Women in two longleg plastercast with painted toenails getting their toes sucked and their casted legs licked.
Professional women with full fashion stockings dangle High Heels, playing Footsies and giving Foot Jobs to men and women.
I would like to see couples fucking while you can see the pretty feet of the lady.
More pictures of women playing with their shoes under the table pictures
Trampling with high heels
Foot job by a beautiful women
More original stories. Not the same old shoe salesman, or office wimps. More fem/fem stories. There's plenty of pictures out there but not enough fiction.
Would like to see dangling in full fashion nylons
foot torture, fake or real
Cum all over pantyhosed feet and legs, cum on barefeet, and lesbians licking cum off of pantyhosed legs and barefeet
More and more footjob pic I like (cum on female nylon foot) and pic foot on man face
To see a sexy woman squishung toads while wearing open toed high heel sandals!
Men getting tide up and forced to wear Keds sneakers
More nylon foot covers being worn by younger women
I would like to see footjobs from girls 15 16 years of age...
Women with lots of bulging veins. Veins make a woman's feet look hot & sexy.
Style and quality of posted material.
Susan Crenshaw (Great Day America) giving me a foot job cumming on her size 11's.
I would like to see sexy young girls giving foot jobs to young men wearing nothing but anklet socks (all colors)
Walking around public asking to suck, tickle or take pictures of teenagers or womens feet
Socks, Socks, & more Socks. Dirty, Sweaty, gym socks. Pictures of women wearing nothing but socks.
Nurses in clogs and wearing scrubs
All that facial cumshots only in adult movies are boring! 1st: Loads of cum onto the high heels. painted toes and (fishnet)stockings soaked with cum, cum smeared around the pumps, cum oozing down the heel. Then the cum soaked heel being inserted into the girl`s ass. The other guys cum over the inserted shoe. 2nd: At the end of a decent gangbang the guys jerk over the girls plateau shoes. Finally they fuck her cunt with the heel. Cries of pleasure from the gangbang slut.
After being ass-fucked by several guys a very attractive girl (Sylvie Saint-type) with her legs bent over gets all the ball-loads over her face and shoes. A lot of cum hits her red open toe platform hees (about 2" platform and 6-7" hells), then she liks the dripping cum from her shoes and toes. Wow! I`d really love to see such a final!
Feet with Bunions, corns, calluses, and other foot problems wearing hose and showing pads on their problem areas. Feet being measured in hose and women in the podiatrist/chiropodist chair showing their feet.
I would like to find more Asian foot (sole) fetish sites and magazines and videos!!!
More Asian feet (soles) please
Sucking toes.
(Altered) pix with feet eating scenes, torture, severed feet
I wish to see women putting their knee high boots on or taking them off. ( Preferably, zipper boots)
Kneesocks with short skirts and short-sleeved sweaters.
Ifon foot web page

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