(04/01/99) Heyhey, so much too tell....Janet had such an amazing last few weeks, first of all congratulations to her for her nomination for Favorite R&B Female at this years Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, she is up against Whitney Houston and Brandy, so GO VOTE for her! Her new videos with Blackstreet and BLACKstreet were both "Blazing Videos" on BET, and are currently doing very well! Janet has just made her new Pepsi commercials, in which she has 2 different commercials. The first one is for Europe and North America and has Janet as a love godess on some different planet, and then she encounters Chinese superstar Aaron Kwok, so she leaves her planet for the great taste of Pepsi in some far out sequence....but i have seen it and it rocks! She recorded a new song fitting Pepsi's new theme, "Ask for More", the song also has a remix, you can find the single with an enhanced interview that you can watch on your computer. The second commercial is with Latin megastar Ricki Martin, and she is currently recording with him. Janet has also recorded a duet with Elton John called "I Know The Truth", and is currently out on Elton's new CD, "The Legend of Aida", the CD features collaborations with Janet (of course), Shania Twain, Spice Girls, Boyz 11 Men, Tina Turner and more. Janet attended the Oscar awards this year, and attended Elton John's famous after party, she had her up, and it was black, and she looked fine! A little fact for you all, on TLC's new CD, "Fanmail", T-Boz thanks Janet for supporting her through her illness, as most of you know Janet sent her flowers and stuff to make her feel better. Just to let y'all in on something, Janet's Velvet Rope Concert was the second highest grossing tour of the year only to Shania Twain, The Velvet Rope Tur grosses over 32 million dollars, her most successful tour yet. Now on a sad note, Janet and her companion of 13 years, Rene Elizondo, have split up, the couple both claim they still remain the best of friends and hope we all understamd that there is no anger between them, so please dont listen to any of that tabloid crap, it aint true! That is all, tune in next time.

(01/19/99) Hello again, just to let you all know, Janet has been nominated for yet another award, it is for Best Female Artist at the German ECHO Awards. Much Music meanwhile is airing the VH1 Fashion Awards on Thursday, January 20 1999, where Janet won an award and performed What About. Janet is currently in Poeple Magazine, she is with Celine, Shania, Mariah, Jewel and Madonna, as "The New Pop Divas", the article writes that Janet makes about 20 million per record, her passion is collecting watches, and so on, and it has a pic of her and Rene at The Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. On March 9, 1999, the home video for "Janet: The Velvet Rope" will be available in the USA and Canada, as well her video with Busta Rhymes will be out in early spring, her duet with Elton John will be available on his new album, coming out in March of 99, as well her new song with BLACKstreet, titled, "Girlfriend/Boyfriend" will be released sometime in 1999. That is all the 411 on Miss Janet for now, bye!

(01/13/99) Okay so much news on Miss J., first of all Miss Janet just put another award on her list, she won the award for Best R&B Female Artist at the American Music Awards, she beat out Aaliyah (Are You That Somebody?) and Brandy (Have You Ever?), Janet won for "Together Again", and she accepted the award via satelite from Tokyo, where she was preparing for her show, she looked good and content. Yes and Miss Janet has been nominated for a Grammy, as we hoped, she is up against Lauryn Hill (Doo Wop), Erykah Badu (Tyrone), Aretha Franklin (A Rose Is Still A Rose) and Aaliyah (Are You That Somebody?) for "Best Female R&B Vocal Performance", she is up for "I Get Lonely", the Grammys air on February 24th. Janet has been busy these past few months, first of all, she recorded a duet with Busta Rhymes, titled "What's It Gonna Be?", and apparently has already shot a video for it, so expect it soon! As well Janet's duet with Sir Elton John is set to be released in March of 1999 as a track on his new album, and Janet is to be singing a duet with BLACKstreet, on their new album, and expect a video from that as well, Janet still has time for all this, what a woman, currently she is on tour in Japan, and will finish off the tour in Hawaii at the end of the month.

(11/07/98) Hey, Janet won an award, for "Most Stylish Video", for "Got 'Til It's Gone", yah! This was at the 1998 VH1 Fashion Awards, go Janet! Yah, and in other news, HBO is planning to air The Velvet Rope concert soon,I think on November 19, on HBO Plus. Well, other than that the North American leg of the tour is finished, and Miss Janet is on her way to South Africa, Hawaii, Japan and Australia, check out Tour Dates for more detail, check back soon! (10/20/98) Janet's new video Every Time has just hit radio stations, MTV, and MuchMusic! It is a very sensual video, where Janet is supposidly naked, with a piece of blue silk. I saw the video, and personally I think it is a work of genius! Other news, Janet's concert on HBO ranked #2 in HBO's all time best rated shows, it attracted over 5 million viewers! As for her side projects, it is rumoured that she will be working with Elton John in the near future...what an amazing duo! Looking at the charts, The Velvet Rope jumped an awesome 19 spots on the Hot 200, and Together is down 3 at #50 on the Hot 100 singles, the Everytime single is set to be released on November 24th, check it out! (10/03/98) Janet's new video for Every Time has just been completed, it involves underwater scenes, with a dream like motive, the video was directed by Matthew Rolston, it will debut on HBO, on October 5th, 1998, at about 7 pm (ET). Well I was at Much Music (Canada), when Janet was on for a full 90 minutes, she said that she might be working with Checo DeBarge, her ex-brother-in-law. As for the tour, Janet has added some more tour dates in South Africa, Mexico, Japan, Australia/NZ and Hawaii.'Tis all, 'till next time, bye! (9/18/98) Janet has just started shooting the video for Every Time, which will be the next single in North America. Virgin Records has just confirmed that N'Sync will be Janet's supporting act, after October 11th, since Usher dropped out. Go Deep has rumours swirling around that it will be cancelled, to promote album sales.The Janet tour so far has racked in 13.5 million in, and look for more of that, as she has proven all the critics wrong with her great performance! Hehe, get some of that janet on the cover of Rolling Stone and Janet magazine, she rocks! Well here are the injustices, Janet lost to the effortless Ray of Light video, at the MTV Video Music Awards, and lost to L'il Kim, Mary J. Blige and Erykah Badu for the 3 Lady of Soul Awards she was up for, oh well, you win some you loss some, check back for more!

(9/01/98) Janet has added some new dates to the tour, check them out here, also the "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" soundtrack debuted at #7 on the Hot 100, Janet sings the chorus and addlibs, on the soundtrack with reggae star Shaggy, the track is titled "Luv Me, Luv Me", you can catch it on various radio stations.

(8/30/98) Well scream again because Go Deep has once again been pushed back to the release date of September 5. As for the charts, Janet is inching up on the album charts, moving up from #60 to #56 on the Hot 200 Albums, the effect of Go Deep's sudden success and the good turnouts and reviews of the Velvet Rope tour, has the Velvet Rope climbing the charts everywhere! As for Together Again, which needs to be certified platinum, because it has already sold over 1 million copies hold at 44, and I Get Lonely is steadily slipping away, from the picture, but should be near platinum sales very soon. If you get the music station Much Music, be aware that Janet will be dropping by on the 28th or 29th of September to possibly perform and be interviewed, to promote the tour which hits Toronto in that week. And finally Janet has been nominated for several awards coming up, tune in on September 29th, for the MTV Music Video Awards, where she is nominated for Best Dance Video - Together Again, and tune in on September 3rd, for the Lady of Soul Awards, where she is nominated for Best R&B Song - I Get Lonely, Best R&B Video - I Get Lonely and Best R&B Album - The Velvet Rope, last year Janet won the Lena Horne Award for Outstanding Lifetime Acheivement, good job!

(8/16/98) The Go Deep single has been pushed back to August 26th, 1998, in order to give I Get Lonely a chance to spurr up some more sales. Well you can catch the Go Deep video on MTV and BET, and the video for You, is being aired on BET constantly on the Hit List, which airs 9 PM eastern time,the Velvet Rope is sitting at #56 on the Billboard Charts, and the Go Deep is at #2 on the Dance Charts, and I Get Lonely is at #29 on the Billboard Singles as Together Again sits at #39.Together Again has gone platinum in the US, and will be certified soon, as will I Get Lonely in a couple of weeks.Making Janet only 3 platinum singles behind the record holder, Mariah Carey.

(7/19/98) The Velvet Rope has jumped nearly 15 spots on the Billboard Charts to number 59, due to the successful tour sales and the new single Go Deep, which is currently #3 on the Club Play Charts.

(7/11/98) The Go Deep single is increasingly being aired on radio stations in the US, causing the Velvet Rope to jump in the standings on the Billboard Charts

(6/27/98) Janet has officially released the Go Deep single in Canada, the video is already being aired on BET, many times, smells like another hit for my darling Janet!

(6/11/98)Usher has officially announced that he is going to be opening for Janet in the North American tour stops, Missy "Missdemeaner" Elliot is still considering to open for Janet also.

(6/02/98)Janet has officially released the new video Go Deep in Europe, expect it to come to North America soon!!!!

(5/27/98)Okay so the I Get Lonely single debuts at #3 on the Hot 100 Singles Charts, and is #1 on the Hot R&B Charts! Yet another number 1 hit for Janet Jackson!

(5/07/98)Belive it or not, the adds for Janet's upcoming North American tour have been removed because of too much clevage! The hell?That girl is beautiful and we should respect it man!If you are more interested in fighting the removal email me

(4/11/98) Janet announces her American and Canadian tour dates, for the dates clickhere

(3/19/98) Janet opens up at the Soul Train Awards singing once again I Get Lonely, she recieved the nomination for best Female R&B Album, but lost, I'm so pissed!

(3/12/98) Janet opens up the American Music Awards singing a remix of Together Again in one tight top, ooooh!

(3/6/98) Janet recieves a Blockbuster Entertainment Award for best R&B Female

(2/26/98) Janet appears on the Rosie O'Donnel show, where Rosie presents her with the grammy and she performs the new single I Get Lonely

(2/24/98) Janet wins a grammy for her Got 'Til It's Gone, this is Janet's fourth grammy

(1/28/98) Janet wins the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Lady of Soul Awards

(12/08/97) Janet has announced that a portion of the proceeds of the Together Again single will be donated to AIDS research. Way to go, Janet!!! You's always thinkin' about others!!!!! Also, the remix video for Together Again premiered last week on MTV, and all i gotta say is DAMN, JANET LOOKS GOOD and I WANNA TATTOO!!!

(12/03/97) THE SINGLE FOR TOGETHER AGAIN HAS BEEN RELEASED, even in the U.S. Be sure to pick it up. Also, Janet has already scheduled many European Tour dates, (but not U.S. dates!!!). Check out the Friends of Janet News Page for more information.

(11/30/97) THE VELVET ROPE is climbing its way back the billboard charts. The sales have been steady, and Janet is up to number 18, from last weeks 23. This album has huge staying power.

(11/23/97) JANET will be doing a concert in the Netherlands on April 16, 1998, and another concert in France on April 28, 1998. I wonder when she's comin' to Chicago?!?!? (hint hint).

(11/21/97) THE VELVET ROPE HAS BEEN CERTIFIED PLATINUM on November 11th. Also, Janet shot the video for the Jimmy Jam remix of Together Again. Rene Elizondo directed the video. One last note: Janet will be VH1's January Artist of the Month.

(11/17/97) JANET WILL BE ON OPRAH ON NOVEMBER 19, (this wednesday). On Tuesday, November 18, the video for Together Again will premiere on MTV. Also, on Wednesday, November 26, Janet will appear on NBC's Today show. (Whew!!!) Get the point...good.

(11/13/97) THE VELVET ROPE is down to number 19 on the billboard charts! All i gotta say is...well, shit!

(11/09/97) Here is an article from Hitmakers Online about Together Again: From Hitmakers Online. November 6th, 1997. Together again was the most added pop record for the 2nd week in a row, 26 new pop stations added the song this week bringing the total to 88 pop stations playing it. Three new rhythm stations add it this week, adding the total to 26 rhythm stations playing it. There will be separate videos for urban and top 40 video channels, and there will be urban remixes by Jimmy Jam available soon.

(11/08/97)Yup, there'll be two videos for Together Again, aint it great!!! About Janet on Oprah, janet will be recording the show on November 18, and it will be airing on November 19. Also, Janet should appear on the Today Show on November 18, as well. Stay tuned for more info.

(11/06/97) Well, "The Velvet Rope" has dropped to #11 on the charts, but I am confident that with the release of Together Again, Janet will be back at #1. Anywayz, there is an unconfirmed rumor that Janet will appear on the Oprah Winfrey show on November 18th. When I get confirmed info on this, i'll be sure to post it.

(11/02/97) "THE VELVET ROPE" HAS DROPPED TO NUMBER 5 on the billboard charts! People, we cannot let this happen!!!! The Velvet Rope is too great to let it drop that much. Play the entire album for everyone you know, and i can gaurantee that they'll wanna buy it. Janet sends a great message on this album, so lets make everyone hear it. Also, the release date for Together Again has been pushed back until December 1st.

(10/28/97) JANET BEGAN FILMING THE VIDEO FOR TOGETHER AGAIN YESTERDAY!!!! She should be finishing the filming by 10/29. The video should be airing late next month. The video will be directed by the french director Seb Janiak. The single for Together Again will be released on November 24th.

(10/23/97) THE VELVET ROPE HAS DROPPED TO NUMBER 2 ON THE BILLBOARD CHARTS!!!! We all, as janet fans, must do something about this. (Rember, THE VELVET ROPE makes a great gift for birthdays, confirmations, bar mitvah's, and christmas!!!!)

(10/18/97) Here's an article from thursday's (10/16/97) DAILY VARIETY, an article written by Adam Sandler about VR being #1: 'Jackson's not launching a roadshow until early 1998, but the disc will nab some added visibility in the coming months as the planned campaign of web TV spots kicks in, her visits to international territories resonate among fans and retailers, and Jackson gets hyper-exposed by VH1 as its artist of the month for December. Virgin shipped more than 2 million copies to retail in advance of the bow and already has reorders north of 500,000 copies.

(10/17/97)Also, the velvet rope has already reached gold status, and word is that I Get Lonely will be the third single off The Velvet Rope. By the way, I have posted the lyrics to God's Stepchild.

(10/16/97) THE VELVET ROPE in japan has a song entitled God's Stepchild on it, which is not available on any other copy. Why is that? you may ask. Janet felt that this song was way too personal for her, therefore, she chose not to release it on the album domestically. I will have the lyrics to this song posted on my page pretty soon. By the way, don't forget to e-mail me your comments of TVR for the Velvet Review. All the instructions are stated in the news flash above.

(10/13/97) HOW CAN THIS BE?!?!? Janet's new CD has been banned in Singapore. The claim is that the Singapore officials don't approve of the talk of abuse, bisexuality, and sex in the album. A version of the album with three songs exluded will be released in Singapore. Umm...Can you say censorship. Also, Janet's new CD will debut at #1 on the Billboard Pop Albums chart. It will sell over 200,000 copies in its first week. Janet will always be on top.

(10/7/97) THE CD IS OUT!!!! It definetly is the best album ever to be released. I've added an article from the Chicago Tribune, entitled Janet Jackson Revealed. Also, check out the recently redone Friend of Janet Page and the Virgin Records Janet Jackson Page. Janet's Velvet Rope tour will begin late spring or early summer of 1998. I will hopefully have more info on the tour shortly