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Last update: 03/15/05

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Welcome to Blackfoot Homepage !
Rick Medlocke
"Rick is one of the best musicians/ songwriters / singers / drummers / pickers I've ever had the honor to play with. I love him like a brother and he's one of the best friends I could ever dream of having. So I guess I won, and so will you if you just listen."

-Gary Rossington, Lynyrd Skynyrd
This site is dedicated to Rickey Medlocke, Charlie Hargrett, Jakson Spires, Greg Walker, Ken Hensley and other former members of Blackfoot

  • To all of us who have followed Blackfoot from the very beginning, I was very sorry to hear about Jak's brain anuerism.
    May God rest his soul.
    I have seen Jak play over 50 times with Blackfoot and about 12 times with the Southern Rock Allstars and though I have not seen Blackfoot since the reincarnation, I will always appreciate what Jak gave us fans with his awesome drumming and his dedication to rock and roll.

  • Blackfoot will always be number one in my heart. Thanks to the many Blackfoot fans who have followed me and the band all these years. I love you all!!!

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