Deep-Six the Big Boat--and Help Spielberg Exact His Revenge
You gotta feel for poor Steven Spielberg--swamped by a big sunken ship. Well, now Spielberg's out for revenge. The dissed director has sailed his little Amistad alongside the giant ocean liner, and he needs your help to "Sink the Titanic."
How to play:
Move Steven and his cannon left and right with the "," and "." keys, then fire away by hitting the space bar. Each time you hit a Titanic figure, the boat sinks a little lower. Hit all eight, and it goes under. But be careful: Amistad stars Anthony Hopkins and Djimon Hounsou are strolling the poopdeck, too. Hit them and the game is over. Then you have to hit "play again" for another chance. If you succeed in sinking the ship, you'll get a special treat from Spielberg. Bon voyage!

Don't forget that you must have the most up to date Shockwave Plug-In.

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