The Top 13 Things That Could Actually Have Happened To The Titanic.

13 The Celine Deon song was so over played that all the passangers wanted to comitt suicide so they sank the ship themselves.
12. It sank under the weight of James Cameron's ego.
11. It got struck by lightning.
10. The actors and extras on the ship weighed it down until it sunk under its own weight.
9. It didn't, it was all smoke and mirrors.
8. A whirlpool sucked it under.
7. An explosion in the boiler room created a massive hole in the side of the ship.
6. It got attacked by a psychotic iceberg.
5. Due to lack-of food the passengers ate a certain side of the ship.
4. UFOs shot holes in it.
3. A giant shark bit a chunk out of it.
2. Steven Speilberg shot it with a cannon.
1. It was all an assasination plot to kill Jack.