Seventh Time's the Charm

After the huge success of TITANIC people have taken an unusual support and following for the movie. This movie and topic are, however, nothing new. The story has been done several times before, the first one coming only a month after the crash. Some of the movies include SOS TITANIC, RAISE THE TITANIC, TITANIC(1953), and TITANICA(1996). The story has also changed over the years, in the 1953 version of Titanic the ship doesn't break in two. In fact the ship goes down in the way you'd expect a ship to go down, at a 45 degree angle. The movie did average at the box office and hardly enough to compete with former #1 STAR WARS. So as the years passed many ideas of reviving the legend of the Titanic probably passed through Hollywood as the story of the famous ship changed. The director James Cameron decided to give it a try. Armed with big bucks and modern special effects he set out to create what would soon be a modern classic. he cast big names(Leonardo DiCaprio, Billy Zane) and up-and-coming actors into the movie. Somewhere along the way something was lost. Though an interesting and exciting film to watch Titanic's script lacks realism and believability. Jack and Rose fall in love in a mere 2 days. The typical catch phrase gets overused("You jump, I jump right?") and then the teary ending. Well, I suppose they had to have something to do before the ship hit the iceberg. Nonetheless, the movie has become hugely popular and it only took Hollywood 7 tries.

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