Fast Attack Craft and Patrol Vessels

Fast Attack Craft and Patrol Vessels

These Ships are used primarily for patrol duties. They´re based at Ushuahia, Puerto Belgrano and Buenos Aires .

TNC 45 Type (Intrépida Class) Fast Attack Craft

Intrépida Class Ships

German built ships, originally designed to carry SST-4 Wire Guided Torpedoes, but there is some unchecked information about a retro-fit with SSM´s (presumably MM-38 Exocets). Their names are A.R.A. Intrépida (P-85) and A.R.A. Indómita (P-86).

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Libur (Baradero) Class Fast Craft

Baradero Class Ships

These group of ships have been very active. Their primary duty is to patrol the channels and sound of Tierra del Fuego, but they were also sent to Central America under the UN Flag. No missilistic weapons are carried.

Murature Class Patrol Ships

Murature Class Ships

Originally built in the late 1940´s, these ships have riverine patrol responsability. Based at Buenos Aires, they patrol the Río de La Plata and Paraná rivers. They were also used as riverine gunboats in joint exercises with the U.S. Marine Corps. They also serve as training ships for midshipmen and cadets. Their names are A.R.A. Murature (P-20) and A.R.A. King (P-21)

TON (Neuquén?) Class Minehunting Ships

TON Class Ships

A.R.A. Chaco (M-5) and A.R.A. Formosa (M-6) are the last two survivors of the six TON class units biught in the late 60´s. Based at Pto Belgrano, they also serve as training ships for midshipmen and cadets during the summer.

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