Classic Concentration

This revival of a classic game show hosted by Alex Trebek, once hosted by Hugh Downs from 1958-1969, made a return to daytime television on May 4, 1987, replacing the short-lived revival of Blockbusters on NBC.

There were 25 numbered squares on a 5x5 grid with pairs of prizes that contestants tired to match. There were also three wild cards and two pairs of "Takes." When a contestant matched a prize, two pieces of a puzzle were revealed and the contestant tried to solve the puzzle. The first contestant to solve the puzzle won the prizes that they accumulated and went to the Winner's Circle to try to win a new car.

There were eight cars a contestant had a chance to win. There were 15 numbered squares on a 3x5 grid that had seven pairs of matching cars and one car that did not have a match. The contestant had to race against the clock to try to match the seven cars. The seventh car matched in the allowed time was the car the contestant won. The base time was :35 seconds and the time went up :05 more each time a car was not won.

Sadly, Classic Concentration was the last NBC daytime game show to air. NBC halted production in 1991 along with daytime Wheel of Fortune, but the show continued to air in re-runs until NBC droped the show from the lineup in 1993.

When there was extra time left over, a member of the studio audience had the chance to win cash!

Can you solve these puzzles? I can :-)

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