Welcome to Jen's Super Happy Page. I'm Jen, a twenty-four year old teaching student and Star Trek addict. This page is full of stuff I think is nifty enough to put on the web. Have Fun! 

Last Update: November 27, 2003

Star Trek: the NeXt JENeration   So you like Star Trek spoofs? Then you'll love Star Trek: the NeXt JENeration. If you don't read anything else on this site read THESE. And check out Jenners: the movie by my brother Craig!

Star Trek: Shallow Space 8/12 If you're a fan of Next Jeneration you'll love this brand new series!

Reviews Want to know what I think of the latest movies (or old movies that were new when I last updated the page)? Look no further than Jen's Movie Reviews and Jen's Video Reviews.

FLASH STUFF Super Happy Jen learns flash. See the results! (I'm always making more flash movies because it's too cold to go outside).

ReVoLviNg StoRiES Hilarious stories (by stories I of course mean story) that make no sense written by me and my bf.

Family&Friends A bunch of cool people I know. Featuring super silly poems by Robin. This page is almost always out of date, so if you want to see what people were like back in the day...

Jen Gallery Do you want to know what I look like? Check it out!

 Sputnik the Dog: Goddess of Jen's House This page is dedicated to my fabulous dog Sputnik, star of Sputnik the Movie!

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