Flash Stuff

Disgusted with the lack of flash animation cartoons on this website?

Careful what you wish for. Crazy things happen when Super Happy Jen learns Flash!

So far these cartoons are soundless. I find sound adds unnecessary slowness to the loading of an otherwise speedy cartoon. If you want, you can make your own sound effects and music by whistling, grunting, screeching and humming.

Sputnik: the Movie See Sputnik the dog in her first movie!

Mr. Skinny A full-length animated feature about a stick man (by full-length I of course mean 3 seconds)

Star Trek the Next JENeration Episode 21 : the Jenterprisetm goes FLASH My first flash animation Next JEN episode. You might want to check out the first twenty, non-animated episodes.

ADAM's New HUMMER Adam takes a ride in his NEW HUMMER!

Mr. Skinny Does 24 Eat your heart out Kiefer!

Cooking with Buzz Chief Engineer Buzz makes horny octopus soufflé

Drew's B-day 2003 See the party crew in costume!

Mr. Skinny's Craft Show Especially for Valentines Day.