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May 31st, 2001

Insyderz site FINALLY UPDATED... sorta

Well who here regularly checks Yours truly recently checked the site, and found an "Under Construction" message and to check back soon. This comes as great news to fans who were accustomed to the old site which was updated ummm lets see... only about 1 or 2 times in the past year? Well I thought this news was worthy enough to post! Check out their new "Greatest and Rarest CD." It looks like they have one or two new tracks. I'll have to check it out myself. I'd like to buy it, but I'm worrying about an upcoming ministry trip in Montana that'll last a week... and I would rather use my money on the trip. So keep me in your prayers, eh? Thanks - "Jonk".

Buck's new CD!

For those of you who remember from a while ago, Buck's new name is "Buck Enterprises". Embarking on their new current style of "high-octane rock with horns," Buck insists that they "will continue to blend hard-hitting rock, rap, jazz-swing and pop" in their new album, "Business as Usual", which was released 5/08/01.

May Thirty First's 'Your Thoughts On:'

Notice how much Buck tries so hard not to make any mention of "ska." If you didn't know, Ska has prevented many bands from getting airplay (most notably the OC Supertones). So I ask you: is a band a bunch of sellouts if they stop playing an old fad? Its a mature question people. (send comments to All received emails will be considered for posting. So don't email unless you're okay with your thoughts & alias going public. Thanx

In Other News...

BEC Recordings have just released Hangnail's new CD, "Facing Changes." I really like this punk/rock (and kinda emo) band, and I really like this new album. Bonus treat: you get a great acoustic "unplugged" session ep. It's worth it, so if you want to know more about this band, then go to:

May 14th, 2001

New Insyderz Release
Hey all, for everyone who was waiting for the Insyderz' supposed April 20th release for "Tales of a Comet" CD... this *may* be what we were waiting for. Upon visiting and doing a search for those Motor City rude boys, I came up with this:

CD cover as shown by

The Greatest And Rarest, Compact Disc [CD]
By: The Insyderz
Type: Compact disc
Vendor: Provident Music Distribution
CBD Stock Number: WWCD98120
Retail Price: $14.98
CBD Price: $11.95
You Save $3.03 (20%)

Availability: Available to ship on or about 05/15/01.

Yours truly is on the case and looking to get as much info as possible for you! If all of this is dead-on, then we may be able to have this CD in our grubby little hands by Tuesday, Lord willing!

The Society of what???

You all may remember a site that hosted which was "the Society of Future Husbands of Jeff the Girl." The site eventually evolved into the very-well established (see's news section, 10/04/01). So this 19th will have marked its first year! Expect to see the Society rise again! New features will hopefully include:
- A ranking system
- Fan pictures, letters
- More and more shutff like contests and shtuff!

Now please remember this is the "Society" we are talking about, not! Expect to see the respective sites tied only by a link and the fact that they both focus on FIF's Jeff the Girl.


Is this better? Maybe this is the way I will post news from now on. Hopefully I'll be able to have something to allow comments on news stories and such. I'll keep you posted!

Another GodSka World Exclusive!

May 3rd, 2001

Hey GodSka addicts! This is just for you! It's an interview that was done with Keith from Five Iron Frenzy! I hope you enjoy, as Keith talks about:

- The new Album
- the W's Break Up
- Napster
- What FIF is up to
- Potential WWFIF virtual match with a certain FIF Boardie!
- Feather dusters, what his name is in dutch, and Micah's socks. Oh and why they never tour Canada???
- Two words - "Masculine Hygiene"

This interview with Keith Frenzy of Five Iron Frenzy was done a little while ago -- but due to my A Drive, which I had to get fixed, I couldn't get this posted until now (thanks computer). I hope you guy's enjoy this interview, as much as I had doing it!
Thanks to some girl, SuperJonk and especially Keith Frenzy for this interview:

Come and enter the world, that is Keith Frenzy!

While chit-chattin with Reese at a recent concert (yes, I rule. Haha actually it was a pretty good convo that we had going... not bragging), Reese informed me that there will be a song on the new album that deals on the subject of Crazy Horse. Who is Crazy Horse? Crazy Horse was a young chief Indian. He was of the Oglala-Brule Sioux tribe. To learn more about Crazy Horse, check out this link,

Why is Crazy Horse's situation so important to emphasize? This is what Reese Roper, vocalist for Five Iron Frenzy has to say about the situation with Native Americans: (taken from a recent reply to a post on the FIF Message Board @

"Reply posted by Reese on 2001-04-23 15:00:24:

Please read my editorial in HM magazine next month. It should sum up how I feel about this.

There is third world poverty in our own country on many Indian reservations, there is racism so deeply institutionalized in the American system against Native Americans that 95% of our country is blind to it, you are sitting on land that was stolen from over 100 million Native Americans that where murdered and lied to in the name of progress and Jesus Christ, and you are unaware that your country has never honored one single treaty that it ever signed with Native Americans INCLUDING treaties signed in the past 10 years. But if I could leave you with one thought about all of this, it is: that you are guilty of this. You and I, and every American, and ESPECIALLY every so-called "Christian", for sitting on our hands and ignoring it. Do you think that you have to be Indian to care? Is that it? Come-on people! Isn't it obvious why I write about this stuff on our albums? It is horribly wrong. Horribly wrong. I don't think that Jesus minded dying for you, even though you're not Jewish or you may not be of Israeli descent.


For a touching, brief account of Crazy Horses' life, (which seems to really clear up Reese's thoughts & reason on pushing this certain subject) then check out this link,

Micah from FIF, at a recent concert in Juneau, AK, has informed me (yes, ME) that I am able to tell the world that the new Album from FIF (slated to come out this Fall), will be titled:


Micah told me that in contrast, "Bugaloo" will have more of a darker feel to it. Stay tuned here for MORE FIF news that I got from those zany Frenzies, SOON!

*GodSka had the exclusive on this one!! GodSka was the first to bring you the news that it was official!

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