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this is a fan site dedicated to indian transgender crossdressing goddess
supriya sinha 26 y/o strictly heterosexual (?) genderbender from delhi and kolkatta india


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this site deals with transgender and sexual issues which you may be too young to handle.
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some of these links are not fully functional as yet, but they soon should be,
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In fact all these links are swiped to create maximum irritation for those geocities site owners
who should hopefully be flooded with useless hits and spam mails by this ghastly internet thingamjig
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  1. http://oocities.com/bisonwroughtiron/
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  1. http://oocities.com/smxplc/
  2. link to the homepage of smxplc manufacturer of plc programmable logic controller ladder diagram
  3. indian transgender exchange links and homepages critique service: (courtesy indiatransgender directory)
  4. http://oocities.com/urvashicd/
  5. urvashi was the indian crossdressing queen bee, till we swiped her pics and showed her up as a blowsy tart.
  6. urvashicd urvashi_cd sexy indian transgender transvestite crossdress cd hijra hijda gandoo catamite kollam
  7. original urvashi, urvashi_cd, urvashicd, is a stunningly beautiful gandoo, chicks with dicks, chix with dix, eunuch
  8. http://www.oocities.com/urvashi_cd/
  9. http://www.oocities.com/urvashi_cd/
  10. http://oocities.com./urvashi_cd3/
  11. http://oocities.com./urvashi_cd3/
  12. http://oocities.com/urvashi_cd4/
  13. http://oocities.com/urvashi_cd4/
  14. http://oocities.com/urvashicd/4cum001.html
  15. http://www.oocities.com/lilly2k69/
  16. lilly from cochin is a wonderful t-girl and my good e-pal, i hope she forgives me for swiping some pics!!
  17. http://www.oocities.com/lilly2k69/
  18. http://oocities.com/lilly_crossdress/
  19. http://www.oocities.com/misssupriya13/
  20. miss supriya sinha from delhi is very shy and coy and thinks that we will swipe her pics, but we won't!!
  21. http://www.oocities.com/misssupriya13/
  22. http://oocities.com/supriya_crossdress/
  23. http://www.coolpankaj.20m.com/
  24. urmilababe is chandigarh's cute competition to ru-paul, is (s)he a fake we wonder?
  25. http://www.coolpankaj.20m.com/
  26. http://oocities.com/urmila_crossdress/
  27. http://oocities.com/lata_gurgaon/
  28. lata from gurgaon has just deleted her entire website, 'coz we swiped her pics, too bad lata!!
  29. http://oocities.com/indialesbiandirectory/
  30. http://oocities.com/indiagaydirectory/
  31. http://oocities.com/indiatransgenderdirectory/
  32. http://oocities.com/indiacrossdressdirectory/
  33. http://oocities.com/indiacddirectory/
  34. http://oocities.com/marleyglobal/
  35. http://oocities.com/smxauto/
  36. http://oocities.com/smxiron/
  37. http://oocities.com/bharat_x_law/
  38. law legal india indian website portal for download of bareacts supreme court of india judgements advice portal
  39. http://oocities.com/wroughtironstore/
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