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HISTORY It was here,some 200 years ago, that a bloody battle was waged by our ancestors and they made the ultimate sacrifice in the defence of There motherland against territorial invaders.

At that time, Thailand was still recovering from a state of disunity and, king rama i the great had been on the throne for nearly 3 years.

.........So it was that
King Padung of burma reckoned that Thai people would be unprepared to defend themselves as the capital city of ratanakosin had only been founded for 3 years. He therefore raised a force of 144,000 troops divided into 9 armies. Two armies consisting of 20,000 men invaded Thailand from the south; another 2 armies of 35,000 men entered from the north and the remaining 5 armies of 89,000 men under the king's own command advanced from the west through the chedi sarm
ong pass, or the three pagoda pass, intent on annihilate the Thai forces.

........The Thai
King ( King Rama I ) ,together with younger brother Prince Surasinghanart,had to formulate a strategic military plan of action as the Thai forces were outnumbered by the burmise two to one. Part of their forces were deployed in defence along the Dan Chang Pass, at Bahn Kaeng Kaep and at Chong Sadao to engage in skirmishes as a delaying tactic at the various point.The main force was positioned in the mountain range from chong sadao to the kwae yai river and barn tupsila. This resulted in the burmese raiding forces having their mobility limited by the narrow space of this area and only one of their armies was able to maneuver

.......Freely. Their 5 armies,which were amassed together,were unable to bring their full complement of troops down onto the lardya plains and were thus unable to follow out their battle plan. But the Thai forces
Commanded by the Crown Prince were free to maneuver and change tactics at will.

......This strategy thus became known as the famous Thai
"inside line tactical military maneuver " and has been recorded in the annals of Thai military history for posterity. It shows how a military force with only half the number of its enemy can be victorious, if their is sufficient knowledge of terrain and military intelligence upon which to rely.

February 17,1785 was the date that the Thai forces dealt the burmese armies a resounding defeat. The 9th infantry division has commemorated this day to honour the sacrifice made by our forbears, who lost their lives protecting the sovereignty of the country. To this day, Thai sovereignty has been bestowed upon us the basis of our national heritage.top

..The site of that ancient battle of the nine armies at Lard Ya plains is now the Headquarters of the 9th Infantry Division.

The 9th infantry division was established on june 9,1971 which coincided with the coronation day of King Bhumipol Adulyadej the Great, ninth monarch of the Chakri Dynasty. This division was original known as the royal thai army volunteer force which after returned from Vietnam was placed under the control of the royal thai army. Then, on april 16,1981, The 9th Infantry Division became part of the 1st army area.

MISSION The missions of the 9th infantry divsion include responsibility for the internal security of the country. It is also the main combat unit of the 1st Army Area .
In line with the country's defence plan,the 9th infantry division is involved in developing the country so that the peoples' standard of living can be improved.
Changes were made concerning the 9th infantry division on 26,1988,when it became the light infantry division in accordance with the rta's military development plan. It's most important activities now include:
  • - a project to modernise its operations which will be valid into the next decade;
    - high mobility with excellent rapid marching capability;
    - decreasing the number of troops while increasing the firepower so that both the internal and external situation can be kept in control;
    - the leader and the commander in every level has ranger qualify.

    - enhancing firepower by providing a rifle squads with an additional 2 saws and increasing tank weaponry for all units, including platoons, companies, battalions and rigiment;
    - and of paramount importance, to ensure that platoons are capable of mounting an efficient offensive.

Training the 9th infantry division's training regulations are standard throughout the division. Heavy emphasis is placed on individual physical fitness. Also of special importance, the training is aimed instilling leadership quallities in the men and boosting their endurance.

Regular training: the training methods of the warious units of the 9th
Infnntry division have received acclaim from the royal thai army, including the assesment of training results of various company units among them the infantry company and artillary battalion, as well as the battalion units consisting of the infantry, cavalry and artillery battalion.

The unit commanders and chief-of-staff section of the 9th infantry division are aware that training methods must be improved constantly to international standards to justify the confidence shown by the commander-in-chief in the 9th infantry division.

Presently, the 9th infantry division places emphasis of the two sides maneuver training giving freedom to the unit comander to solve any problems, or to select a military strategy and to stress the training technique of the light infantry.


  Apart from the annual education provided, the 9th infantry division has opened its own internal education programme to imcrease the knowledge of not only commissioned officers of all rank and to provide various courses for ncos, but also to encourage its troops to gain further knowledge outside official working hours.

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