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Welcome to Surbaybor, a game which is based on Survivor.Two seasons have passed and 28 people have already outwiited, outplayed and tried to outlast each other to be the ultimate Surbaybor! The third season have already started, so u can apply now for the 4th season.

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Quick updates: 
the ONE has already begun, with 12 people competing in challenges to save their butts. They have to survive each voting to be the only ONE.The rules will be different, it will be an original game. Read the procedures to understand the game better.
New stuffs: Surbaybor 2 episodes
Episode 1: Let the games begin!
Episode 2: A comeback
Episode 3: Merge!?!
Episode 4: Fantasies
Episode 5: Nasty
Episode 6: The After-shock
Episode 7: A Dilemma
Episode 8: The biggest threat
Episode 9: The 4th person
Episode 10: Only one remains.
  Episode 10: Only one remains (cont)
Voting Histories

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