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System/360 Model 30
IBM Corporation, United States

In April 1964, IBM announced the System/360. Its new line of unified, compatible computers, the largest of the machines was 40 times faster than the smallest. The line was highly successful and the 360 architecture dominated the mainframe computer industry for 25 years.

The entry-level Model 30 shown here was first shipped in June 1965.

Memory Type: Core Speed: 1,300 Add/s
Memory Size: 64K Cost: $133,000 +
Memory Width: (8-bit)

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  One of the original members of the IBM System/360 family was Model 50, introduced in 1964. It was the most powerful unit in the intermediate price range. The System/360 marks its 40th Anniversary on April 7, 2004.

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  IBM System 360 installation, 1965

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  System/360 computer system, 1965

1960s - 1980s

By the 1960s computers were becoming common in many different environments. Large businesses used mainframes for data processing, while smaller businesses, universities, and factories used minicomputers. Demanding scientific users spared no expense to get the fastest ‘supercomputers’ optimized for solving complex mathematical problems.

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  April 7, 1964 marks the 40th anniversary of the System/360 mainframe, responsible for introducing many important technologies that are still in use today. IBM System/360 Model 40 served as a powerful stand-alone system in the intermediate price range, performing a variety of computations.


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No ring  no write - olden guys said this a dozen times a day.


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Valerie Douglas operating a Card Reader


IBM Key Punches in Data Preparation Suite, Claremont Tower Basement


Valerie Douglas operating an IBM 1403 High Speed Line Printer
Part of the 370/168 CPU

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  La serie 360 si presenta con i linguaggi di programmazione Assembler, RPG (Report Program Generator) e COBOL. Il sistema operativo puņ essere memorizzato su nastro (TOS) oppure su disco (DOS).

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  IBM 360/67

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  vista interna della CPU IBM System/360

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  IBM System/360 a nastri e dischi removibili (dispack)


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  System/360 Principles of Operation Manual





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"Here I am working as a docent at the The Computer History Museum. The friendly old dinosaur that I'm petting is an IBM System/360 Model 30, which was introduced in 1964. It had a 1.33 MHz transistor-based CPU and up to 64K of magnetic core memory. Behind me is a bank of tape drives, and to the right are disk drives. The console typewriter is in the foreground. This machine no longer works, but the museum has restored an IBM 1620 to operational status." - (Sony VAIO is 1,500 Mhz)