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Welcome to Quake's CROW Clan headquarters...enjoy your visit...if you can't take the heat , try not get burned...LOL

Surfer Girl

" CROW "

Crow is one of the longest running
Clans in Quake. They were one of the
strongest Clans on M-Player.
Most all players have moved on to different
games on the net. But, i want to keep the Dream

" Quake "

I started playing Quake in 1996 when i was
only 13. Taught by my brother, only to become
better than him...LOL
Now at 19 i still love a good kill, and the
now "FAMOUS" trash talk...!!!!!
I love to give SHIT to guys, because "MOST"
CAN'T take it..!! They CRY & COMPLAIN which
is the reason i do it to begin with...


So, if your good at Quake I and would love
to help keep a GREAT Clan alive; see the JOIN


Blessed be is he who lives,
With no guilt plauging the mind.
Blessed be is he who lives,
With the power to defend.
Blessed be the one,
That brushes demons aside.
But only he who walks,
Among the shadows is truly blessed.

" Remember "

QUAKE is one of the BEST games of all times
It is not meant for just boys, so don't be scared
When you see GIRLS kickin' all forms of ASS TOO.
Just remember it is "JUST" a GAME, so don't be so
UPTIGHT, relax , and Have PHUN...!!!!!


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