Sea Lamprey
Sea Lampreys (Petromyzan Marinus) are eel-like jawless fish which are widely distributed throughout fresh-water streams and seas of temperate and subartic regions.  Sea lampreys spawn and undergo a sedentary phase in freshwater, but migrate to marine waters in the adult phase where they eat as a parasite.  The mouth of the sea lamprey is jawless with numerous pointy teeth to attach to its host and a tongue that is used to create suction.  The lampreys lack bone; their skeleton is completely cartiliginous.  Sea lampreys are a major source of problems in the Great Lakes where they are endangering the food chain.
History, Life Cycle, Locomotion,
Feeding, Sources
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Superclass: Agnatha
Class: Cephalaspidamorphia
Order: Petromyzontiformes
Family: Petromyzonidae
Genus: Petromyzon
Species: marinus
Sea Lamprey
Sea Lamprey
Created by Alyson Cavanaugh
Courtesy Wisconsin Sea Grant