" At Your Leisure"

I  never thought I would be able to figure out paint shop pro 7. I opened it allot and wondered what I could do with it for about 6 months. One day  surfing the net I found this web site  PSP Imaginarium, and decided to check it out. I signed up and started to to learn easily how to use my paint shop pro. This web site I have to say is wonderful! When ever I  needed help Terri was always there to help no matter the time of day or night. I would  suggest  this site to any one like me, who wants to learn how to use paint shop pro. I have included in  the next 5 ages a few of the graphics I learned to make during the weeks with PSP Imaginarium.

~*~ Darlene ~*~

 Clicking on the certificate will bring you to PSP Imaginarium. 


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