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     To get us started I don't know where the idea for this camp originated or the first year that it began, but I have been at this camp for the last four years, the last of which was under new directors. I have also attended the J.R. camp and the Chi-Ro Camps for the area.

    Surf N' Sand is a Christian Camp that has been around at least the last 7 years since 1993 (since that was when my brother was attending this camp). The Camp is put on by the Disciples Of Christ Denomination of the Christian Church. Most of the people who attend this camp are from the Oregon area but there have been a few people from California, Washington, and also one girl from Scotland who have attended the camp. Even though the camp is held in Oregon, I am sure that you can come to this camp if you can get here.

     When my brother attended this camp it was held for his first two years at a place slightly down the road and across the street from where it is being held at this time. During his third year, the camp was moved to the Twin Rocks Friends Camp. So far all The years that my brother and I have attended this camp it has been held on the Oregon Coast in the town of Rockaway.

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