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I attended Surf N' Sand for four years. I also went to the Junior and the Chi-Rho Camps that are for this local area. The local area is in the Pacific North West and we have had people go to these camps from Washington, California, and also Scotland. But most people come from Oregon since that is where the camp is held at.

Surf N' Sand is a camp that is here to let teens like myself learn more about god and to become closer with him.  I learned much while attending these camps. Some of the stuff I have learned are simple ways to commune with god to the more intense on asking god to help with the problems of every day life.

Other benefits of the camps are the relationships that you build between the camps and the counselors and more important, the relationships between all the campers. The people that I have met at these camp still talk to each other and do stuff together. Others may have already known each other before they went to the camps, but when they got to camp and spent a week living in closer proximity and learning more about themselves and their peers they learn and become closer to those people that they have already known and those that they did not know. I have met people at camp that live only 20-30 minutes from where I lived and do stuff with them now. If we had not attended camp then we never probably would have met.

The camp is fun and exciting as well. Every night there was a group game where the entire camp participated. There are also the small groups where you learn the most about each other. The small groups met normally about twice a day and talk about the topic of the day relating it to every day life. 

There is lots of singing normally at many times of the day along with other times of worship. We got together to worship once a night every night of the week and had an hour service with singing. We did not sing hymns but more contemporary songs.