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    In the past years of camp, like all years, we had lots of fun doing all sorts of things. We played the normal games, one years we had a group come from California that was a Christian musical group, and we have also had a few years with rain. 

    In all the years that I have been going to Surf N' Sand, there was only a few days all together the whole time that we got rain. Most of those days ended up during the same year. It was only like 3 days and it didn't rain the entire day, which was good.

    Most of the games that we played were just the normal ones that we do every year. We tried to play Romans and Christians one year but it had a negative effect on some of the campers. Also all of the last four years have had a dance. The very first one that we had was canceled because of the director and time. So Dusty turned up the music in his cabin one day and the entire camp packed into and we had ourselves a little dance.