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Zounds! for Palm PDA OS

here you may find Zounds for the PalmOs (2.x+) and Macintosh OS (68k+)

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book coverZounds! is a featured product in the book “Palm Handhelds! I didn't know you could do that...” by Neil J. Salkind.

Zounds! is a featured product on Palm Tips (March 2001)!


Insult Friends With Shakespearean Flair — Here's something impractical yet fun — the freeware Palm Shakespearean insult generator, Zounds. While it's quite useless for organizing your life, it can offer you the fun of calling your closest friends an “impertinent eye-offending harpy” or a “spongy weak-hinged rampallion” and that’s worth something, right? :-)

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last updated october 09, 2009