Photographic Proof of Surf in Texas since 1999
Check out the  epic TS Allison shots on Guest Photos  2
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pix from Mexico 2001!
Dave Lilliott- Jetty at Surfside, TX, 10/24/00
Our thoughts & prayers go out to those victims & their familes after this cowardly tragedy.  God bless America
Photo Leon Bryse
Dan Biddington- the OctaGONE at Surfside, TX
Photo Dave Lilliott
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Carl Christensen and Billy Cowan share a wave during the Hurricane Gordon swell- 9/18/00. Photo Dave Lilliott
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***I would like to add more photos & art to this site.  If you have recent Texas surfing photos, photos of Texas surfers or surf art, email them to me and I will add them to the guest photo page.  If you see someone you know tagged as an unknown, let me know so I can give them credit.  Thanks!
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Mexico & Gulf of Mexico wave model
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East Coast & Gulf of Mexico wave model Surfside/Matagorda predictions
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Gore Boards: 2 cams & conditions for Surfside
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