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     April 25th 2003: Hey kids! Its been awhile since I did anything with this bad boy..sorry! Well whats happened with those Sabres of ours...Sttuuuu is gone...that sucks I liked Stu...Varada is gone my fav player by the way *tear*...Rob Ray is gone...he'll be he even plays in Ottawa right?..and Gratton is gone..but who really cares...Briere is soooo much better...What else? Golisano has "officially" bought the Sabres...Yipee!! and we didn't finish in last place which I think is something to be proud of....We were like 10 points out of a playoff spot..not too bad considering what we thought we were gonna end up as...A lot of potential in this team..If we get rid of Connolly you never know where this team could go hehe

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