Welcome to my Webpage

Hello again to all my imaginary audience members. I am going to actually start work on this thing. I now have a journal that are people are free to check out. I will try to get more of my poetry posted and maybe work on some more arty things. Dropped the various links I had as I feel they just add clutter I don't need to deal with. So check back from time to time, because like any good website, this one is always under construction.

My e-mail is teylak@hotmail.com. My ICQ number is 61187887, feel free to contact me through either with any suggestions or gripes.

Oh well, here are the other things I was talking about.

My Poetry This is my poetry and I hope you enjoy it. I will also include a section for other poetry in the near future.

Pics These are pics of me. Enjoy!

My Journal This is the journal I update infrequently.

Alright, this is new, A guestbook, feel free to add your two cents. This means you Peanut Gallery!

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