Philia... My Kada... What more can I say?? ~grin~

Elendor MUSH
Homepage of the MUSH I frequent... Yes, I'm linking to Elendor again! Hee... gotta love it!!

Darwin Awards
Hilarious site... Seriously!!

For those who truly have nothing to do. Be warned though, sooner or later, you'll feel the need to do something worthwhile.*ahemcoughcough*

...ap0lly0n's ab0de...
v1.0... My old site. The one I revamped into this. Before you click on it, take note: the picture was taken one night when there was a power outage and all we had around were candles. When it came out, I got so amused, and the rest of the site got inspired by that picture. I do not, repeat, do not have demonic tendencies!

erm... yeah... I'll put up more links later. 1