26 March 2003
Summer's finally here!! Heehee! Just a little something to let you know I'm still alive :p Hmrm... edited a couple of pics, although they're not up yet, so yeah, there are no visible changes to this site. Dumdiddlydum. -bounces off!-


21 January 2003
Wheeee! v2.0 of my site is up! :) Heehee... actually, this is basically the same as my old site, except I changed the links a little, as well as the general theme.


Heehee... yeah, spur of the moment... I decided to redo everything. :p So basically, if you're looking for content, there's still nothing. That's bound to change though. Summer's fast approaching, and that means I'm about to have a /lot/ of idle time at hand.

Hmrm. There. That's about it for now. Look around! :)