I discovered Elendor MUSH sometime in March '02, but I never really got into it. Then, in May of the same year, I decided to give it another shot. I was finally cultured into Imladris on 19 May '02, and since then, things have never, and probably won't ever, be the same again! I'm hooked. Captivated! Completely and utterly addicted! Dotdotdot...

Anyhow, my characters:

The Elleth
Firithael's stuff... Firi's a Silvan Imladhrim on the MUSH... Silvan, meaning, she's a woodland elf... AKA, the "good" half of my schizo self... -innocent grin- :-)

The Easterling
Cryshmyra's stuff... Crysh is an Easterling Mordain, which means she's human... Well, to a certain extent anyway. AKA, the evil half of my schizo self... Nyeahahahaha!! >D