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Lace and Love For romantic nights
"When I'm near her she makes me quiver, with all the love I have to give her, so I guess I'll just stay here for a while"....

Welcome to Surrender, a site fully dedicated to the pairing of Passions' Fox Crane & Whitney Russell


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Lace And Love A site for romantic nights. Check it out!


Favorite Foxney Quotes:
Whitney to Fox: You want to know one of the things I love about you? Your ability to take risks, things that you've never done before. I mean the way you open yourself up, the way you open yourself up to me.

Fox about Whitney: She's perfect. She's sweet, and genuine, and beautiful. And when she loves, she loves with her whole heart, and soul. I've never been loved like that before. And I want to be. I want her to love me. I need HER to love me.

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