Welcome to the
Surrounding Shores Website
We (Kevin and Rachel) have set up this website so that people can see what we are getting up to on our adventures around the South Pacific. We are both from the UK and this will be our first experience of travel.

For those who don't know our plans, we intend to spend 5 months (not completely) shipwrecked on a desert island near Tonga, 6 months in Australia - working and touring, and 1 month in New Zealand before we head back home.

We have bought ourselves a digital video camcorder with software to enable us to transfer images to a computer. Once on the computer we will simply upload them to this website. We intend to update the website as we go along, so keep logging back in to see if more pictures have been uploaded.

We hope you find this website useful and if you have any comments please feel free to E-mail us at:


We will be leaving the UK for our trip on 3rd June 2002 and will be returning about a year later.
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