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Survivor RPG: The Amazon Adventure

Tatiana Prevails!

On day 39, Tatiana beat James in a 5-2 vote, Tatiana had support from Louis, Jessica, Rob, Charlotte, and Philip. Tatiana proved she has what it takes to win in her final to the jury,

"All I ask is that you don't vote for either of us because the other one hurt your feelings. Vote for the person who best meets your own criteria of "Who played best". I know that both James and I may have hurt some of you throughout the game, and I want you to know that on any such occasion it was in the context of the game."

On day 37 James won the second to last immunity giving him a spot in the final three.

**James: Rob is an energetic freak. I enjoyed his presence throughout this game, and without him, I must say, I wouldn't be here in the Final 2. Okay, Okay, Final 3. OKAY! Final 4. Yeesh. Anyway, out of everyone, Rob was up there in the trust list, along with Yama, Louis, and Tatiana.**

At tribal council, Joe was voted out unanimously. Though he had broken out of his shell, he was just to quiet.
The final three then gave a look at the contestants voted off, right before Fallen Comrades. The final immunity challenge was won by James who had the decision to eliminate someone. His loyalty was to Tatiana and Rob was the next to go.

At the final tribal council things were laid back and it was a rather enjoyable night as Tatiana became the first winner of Survivor RPG!

Marajó Tribe
X James
X Rob
X Joe

X Jessica
X Louis
X Charlotte
X Yama
X Philip

X Elisabeth

Ucayali Tribe
X Gia

Maranon Tribe
X David
X Jacklyn
X Devon