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Survivor RPG: Madagascar

4th Place

Runner Up

Anna Wins!

Episode 13

Final Words
"Oh wow!"

See how Anna reacted to her win! READ IN THE EPISODE

3rd Place

Anna Annihilates the Competition

On day 39, Anna the 20 year old Super Model beat out Summer in the final 2 vote 4 to 3. Anna was friendly, smart, and smart thinking. Her friendships and charm helped her pull through to the final day.

At the beginning of the episode on day 37, the final four all planned to win but surprised at the results.

**Michael: At this point in the game I'm just trying to stay around, no real strategy but to win immunities at this point. Just gotta try my hardest and hope it comes out for the best**

**Summer: I never expected the four of us as the final 4**

**Michael: I'm surprised a bit by those left**

**Ashley: Well two people I wanted here aren't here so I guess I'm surprised**

At tribal council, Summer beat out the rest in Fallen Comrades and the first tie vote occurred.

"Now the last person voted off picks who they want out."

The tie between Michael and Ashley, and Nancy the last out voted Michael out of the game.

The final three then enjoyed their time walking through the torches.

At tribal council the three had to pick a number. The one that was selected would eliminate the person who chose it that was Ashley.

But the jury did not like this twist and threatened to walk out Jeff then issued a new challenge.

Summer beat out Anna and Ashley by one question and voted Ashley out.

Summer and Anna, the final two burned the rest of the camp and headed to their final tribal council.

CD and Lindsey were tough on them.

"First of all I would like to say I am very disappointed with the way this has worked out.  I don't feel like either of those sitting in the final two spots deserves anything.  Ashley was the most deserving left in the final three and so deserved to be in the final two.  It didn't turn out that way so now I have to give my vote to the person I feel has played the better game out of you two.  Summer you played a miserable game riding coattails and acting stupid.  You thought you were hiding but the entire time I was gunning for you because I knew you were a sly person.  Anna you were deceitful, hurtful, and most of all conniving.  So here it goes hold your breath even though neither of you deserve my vote one of you will get it."

"Hmmm this is pathetic I tell ya.  I don't like it at all. You both have lied to me.  I have statements and questions for both of you.  Anna you befriended me and then betrayed me.  Summer you never tried to get to know me and then lied to me.  I now ask you both to answer this question.   What does it feel like when a monkey sticks his thumb up your ass?"

In the final vote Jake, Ashley, CD, and Lindsey voted for Anna while Emily, Nancy, and Michael voted for Summer.

Read the entire episode here.

Previous Poll Results
We asked "Who is gonna get vote next?" voters were right on with their choice, but thought Anna would go too!

Summer  14%
Anna   29%
Ashley   0%
Jake  29%
Nancy  14%
Michael 14%